Where has Dan been?

I guess this is a bit of a vanity post as I will write about myself which I typically don't like to do.  I haven't blogged much recently as I have been really busy this year.  In the past 3 months I have flown over 30,000 miles on 6 round-trip flights so it has been a pretty crazy time over the past few months, so my apologies for not blogging more.  I would highly suggest that you read John Guin's blog he has been blogging up a storm and writes on a weekly basis where I typically will disappear and then blog 5 articles in one day (which I keep track of in OneNote actually).

We on the team have been working hard on the next version of OneNote, which is currently codenamed OneNote "14" (part of Office "14").  We can't go into details but I think you all will love what the team is cooking up.  We are all working out new scenarios and designs to make your OneNote experience even better, I am so excited when I think about the next release of OneNote.

So with that I hope to blog some more in the future, if you all would like more regular posts please let me know and I can try and pace myself but otherwise I typically work in the shotgun approach.  Also if you have topics that I should post about please let me know, I write this blog to help talk with you all so give me ideas about what conversations you want to have.

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