OneNote 2007 Help & How-to home page

I wanted to point out something on Michael's blog: Meet the new OneNote 2007 “Help & How-to” home page.  Check out the link for more details but I will steal some of the flashy stuff:


Link to the OneNote 2007 Help & How-to homepage.  Thanks Michael for pointing users to the great resources available on Office Online!

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  1. eb says:

    Any chance of their being an MSDN help & how-to? Maybe in the future.

    Since I’m here- can anyone tell me if it is possible to alter the pathCache and pathSoure attributes on a MediaFile element? I’ve tried exhaustively using the .net dom but no such luck. No errors are thrown but it just won’t modify the  path. Here is a code snippet…


    nmspmgr = new XmlNamespaceManager(doc.NameTable);

               nmspmgr.AddNamespace("one", oneNoteNamespace);

               XmlElement node = doc.DocumentElement;

               XmlNode media = node.SelectSingleNode("//one:MediaFile", nmspmgr);

               if (media != null)


                   XmlAttribute path = media.Attributes["pathCache"];

                   fName = path.Value.Substring(path.Value.LastIndexOf("\") + 1);

                   path.Value = destPath + fName;


                   OneNoteManager.oneNoteInterop.UpdatePageContent(doc.OuterXml, DateTime.MinValue);


    Thanks!!!! 🙂

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