Instructor Prep & Next-Gen MOC

I wanted to pass on something from the Education, Innovation and Inspiration blog which has a post about how they have been working on a tool to help instructors and students use OneNote for learning.  This is their post: Instructor Prep & Next-Gen MOC.

First some background that I wanted to pass on, we have found that OneNote is a great learning tool for what some people call Next Generation Learning.  Briefly this is all about getting learning content into OneNote and accessible to people who are taking learning courses.  Think about a time where you go to a training where they hand you this giant binder at the start of the class, you flip through it during the training and take some notes.  Then afterwards you go back to your office and you put the binder on your shelf and you never see it again.  BUT imagine doing this with OneNote, where you have all of your material in OneNote and during the training course you can jot down your notes and highlight the important parts.  Then when you go back to your desktop you have those same notes and you can search over it and find the information you need more quickly.  Also there is an added benefit to the environment where you don't need to print all of these binders and it saves money too!

So getting back to what Ben posted on his blog was getting instructors using OneNote as well.  This would help them get all of their material together and ready to present it to the students.  Now I think they are working on a tool which will take all of the course information and it would generate the whole notebook based off the course material which is pretty cool!

Anyhow check out the post: Instructor Prep & Next-Gen MOC to see what they have been doing and give your feedback.  Nice work Ben, Lonn and Mark!

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