OneNote 2007 SP1 – Can’t Create notebooks On Some Servers

I wanted to point people to another post of David's regarding a regression OneNote 2007 SP1 contained where you can no longer create a notebook on some servers that are running WebDAV.  You can read about it here: OneNote 2007 SP1 - Can't Create notebooks On Some Servers.

At a high level I will copy and paste the issue:

Issue: can't create notebooks on Windows file share running WebDAV

  • If you try to create a new notebook on a Windows file share server that also runs WebDAV then you will fail to create the notebook.
  • For example if you try to create a notebook called notebookname at \\fileservername\filesharename you'll get an error message like: "OneNote cannot create a new notebook at: http://fileservername/sharename/notebookname"

If you are facing this problem please read the post to learn the workaround and also please leave a comment on David's blog with your information (again David covers this in the blog post).

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  1. Bill says:

    The OneNote 2007 SP1 should be downloadable by itself. I purchased the product on its own, not with other Office 2007 products.

    On my dial-up, the 200+ megabyte Office 2007 SP1 would take forever to download. I can get access to a higher speed connection at the library but I should not have to.



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