Have you been able to get a toolbar addin working in OneNote 2007?

I wanted to call on you all to settle a question we had here on the team.  We have gotten lots of comments from users saying that they couldn't get the toolbar buttons working in OneNote.  This means for these people they were unable to get a lot of the powertoys working and we wanted to try and understand more about this.  Would you please fill out this poll:

OneNote 2007 Toolbar Addins , sorry I couldn't get the embed to work 🙁
Based on this we can look into the problem and see how many people this is affecting.  If you had a problem installing would you please give us the following info:
  1. OS Version including Service Packs and more
  2. .Net Version installed (if you know this)
  3. If you just run the .msi or if you installed with the setup.exe
  4. Any other information you have

Thanks a bunch!

Comments (2)

  1. Eric Verno says:

    We are doing a pilot with OneNote 2007 in my school.  We have had the problem with the Add-ins not working when using permissions on the computers.  We have restricted access as teachers, and the add-ins don’t work.  When an Administrator is logged-in they can use the Add-ins.

  2. keithleng says:

    I had this problem when trying to install the "web output", "search and replace" and Snagit addins.

    The fix was to go the Control Panel and modify the installation options for OneNote. I enabled ".net Programmability Support" which was previously disabled.

    I also enabled "Send to OneNote Add-ins" for good measure.

    That fixed all the problems.

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