Transparent windows for note-taking

I just got an email from someone and they asked the following:

It'd be pretty cool if I could make my OneNote window at 50% opacity so I can see the program/window/webpage behind.

Sometimes you don't want to cut and paste something, but instead notate about it.

We have heard this request many times and I was thinking more about it and I found a couple of apps which help with this:

Pretty cool to see this in action, you just set the transparency and you can get this working right away.

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  1. SPK says:

    Has anyone tried either one of these programs?

    I like the idea here…

  2. Todd says:

    I tried ChaosCrystal over the other solution because the file size was smaller, and you don’t have to install the program — just run the exe from anywhere.

    It works well for what it does. It has an adjustable slider for level of transparency, which is nice.

    The whole idea, however, for me has little to no value, altough it sounds good on paper. I’ve tried using various transparency tools over the years, but in the end they are more distracting than anything. Even video games with semi-transparent map overlays annoy me.

    I thought I’d give this a whirl to see my opinion would be any different now than in the past. No dice.

    For those that can work with the transparency, however, ChaosCrystal is a nice little tool.

  3. TheClassic says:

    Your video card software may have some settings for that allow this as well. (Open up Display Settings [where you change resolution] click advanced, then go to the tab for your video card).

    This may be directly accessible from the Control Panel (e.g. nVidia control panel)

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