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I wanted to point out a newly released digital pen solution that works with OneNote called Capturx for Microsoft Office OneNote.  The basic idea is that you can purchase a special notebook & pen which will take your handwritten notes and convert them into digital ink and insert them into OneNote as ink.  This means you can take notes in your notebook and then later everything will appear in OneNote where you can convert it to text, search the handwriting and share with others.

It is a very cool solution from Adapx, which is a company based here in Seattle.  I met some (Credit: Ina Fried/CNET the developers through my blog and the newsgroups where they asked me questions about the API which they are using.  At first I didn't know what they were trying to do but once they explained it to me I was super excited to see it become a reality.  A few weeks ago I met with their development team and it was a pleasure to see what they did with the product and it just worked.  I have one in my office and it syncs with my computer.  I have been meaning to take some photos and post it on my blog but it looks like you can already read some reviews.

Ina Fried at C|Net News wrote this: Start-up hopes cartographers like digital ink:

The OneNote integration was well-done and the company's claim of zero training required seemed to be spot-on. The notes just dropped into Microsoft's note-taking application after clicking "yes" on a single dialog box.

And my friend & OneNote MVP Kathy Jacobs also has great review: Capturx for Microsoft Office OneNote.  You should check it out.

Nice work Adapax team! (hi Ben)

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  1. Microsoft's Daniel Escapa has some great details on a new product from Adapx called Capturx for Microsoft

  2. Enterprise Features says:

    I actually had a chance to profile Capturx on my site. You can learn more about them here:…/capturx-digital-pen-systems

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