Access denied in OneNote shared notebooks on SharePoint

Here at Microsoft we use a lot of OneNote shared notebooks a lot of those notebooks are stored on SharePoint.  Through all of our testing we found that some users were getting an error when they try and sync, the error OneNote would say would be "Access Denied".  Now the problem was that users *did* have access and OneNote was giving this bogus error, what was the cause?

We have been tracking this bug for awhile and David Rasmussen did a great job investigating this bug and found one of the root causes of the bug: the IE Automatically Detect Settings was causing problems!  Can you believe that?  Read all about it here:

Syncing OneNote to Sharepoint - Access Denied and Automatically Detect Settings

If you are having problems with SharePoint & OneNote please try this out.  Nice work David!

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  1. Wow this is exciting, Office 2007 SP1 was just released today! Check it out here: The 2007 Microsoft

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