Extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Office OneNote 2007

Hello everyone!  I know it has been awhile since I have blogged much and I am still here and OneNote is still trucking along.  We are working on the next version of OneNote right now and that is why I have been so busy and heads down as I have specs and features to work on and the whole team is working hard.  I hope to get back to blogging more in the near future once things start to calm down and maybe over the holiday breaks I will be able to clean out all of the things I want to blog about.

I wanted to post a couple links to some work done by Jeff Cardon on the Test team.  As you all know Jeff does a bunch of work with the API and has written a variety of powertoys for OneNote.  One of the bigger projects he worked on was a way to extend Microsoft Dynamic CRM (also know as MS CRM) to work with OneNote 2007.  You can read the white paper he wrote for MSDN:

Extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Office OneNote 2007

This is a great example showing how you can connect OneNote to a line of business application and in particular a CRM application.  We have heard from a lot of sales folks that they enjoy OneNote for taking notes and they wished they could get the information from OneNote up to the CRM database and with this solution here is a good way to get this done.  Jeff worked with a few people from the Dynamics team to make this happen and with their help Jeff got this working.

What is even more exciting is that the CRM team has a group of small applications called Microsoft Dynamics Snaps which connect CRM with other applications like InfoPath and now OneNote!  You can download the binaries as well as the source code from this site on CodePlex:

Microsoft Dynamics Snap for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Here is what it looks like:


Check out the MSDN article for more info: Extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Office OneNote 2007.  Of course I would like everyone to use MS CRM but you could also use the methods described in the white paper to work with Siebel, SAP or others.  Nice work Jeff and hope this is useful for everyone who is interested in developing solutions with the OneNote API.

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  1. I use Microsoft Dynamics CRM as my customer relationship manager. It integrates nicely into Outlook,

  2. Daniel has a great way to get data from CRM to OneNote. The MSDN article is awesome.  Enjoy! In

  3. Daniel has a great way to get data from CRM to OneNote. The MSDN article is awesome. Enjoy! In today

  4. Glenn says:

    Will there be updates to the current OneNote2007 and if so when?

    What is the timeframe for releasing the next version?


  5. Kuntau says:

    yeah, you mean new version in the next commercial release or new version for ON2007? What new feature we got?

    I really hope tabbed interface got some tweaking.

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