Syncing OneNote Howto Video

Josh Einstein, of Einstein Technologies / Tablet Enhancement for Outlook fame, just emailed me telling me that he did a video on GottaBeMobile explaining how to setup a shared notebook on your local network as well as over Hamachi.  You can find it here: GBM InkShow: OneNote Synchronization.  Here it is:

Thank Josh and thanks GottaBeMobile!

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  1. scoobie says:

    Fails to mention tags do not synchronise between pcs

  2. PangoKen says:

    maybe its just my work’s network, but i couldn’t get Hamachi working:-( I’m using the Foldershare beta for syncing between home + work PC – there isn’t any possibility of anyone else working on the notebooks at the same time. It’s a shame i have to leave both machines on all the time though (no WOL).

    Now if you could persuade the Windows Live Foldershare guys to talk to the Windows Live Skydrive guys and link their software, my problem would be solved… 🙂

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