Do you want OneNote on your Mac?

I saw this blog post and it caught my eye: why do you want OneNote on your Mac?  I own a Mac and I LOVE OneNote so for me having OneNote on my Mac would just rock my world.  Anyhow please go over and tell Nadyne how you would want OneNote on your Mac.

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  1. This is interesting. Microsoft’s Mac Unit is hearing from users that they’d like to see OneNote

  2. David Pitkin says:

    I use one note now on my mac, using VMware Fusion, it works pretty well and with Groove I have kind of success syncing between the mac and the pc. What I really need is a Mac tablet.

  3. Peter Norman says:

    Spreading OneNote’s reach would be a good thing! Its a great program; discovering it was the second reason (after TabletPC devices themselves; I have a Motion LE1600) that led me back to Windows after 13 years on the Mac. I’m in the middle of the transition so emotionally I’m still very fragile, rationally I’m manic. I keep wondering if this is all part of the characteristic mid-life crisis, only I’m not divorcing, buying a sports car, and dating girls half my age…

    Anyway!  Other than supporting any effort to port OneNote to Mac, I wanted to point out a small thing that defies explanation in my usage of OneNote 2007.  When using the ‘Send to OneNote’ PowerToy in Internet Explorer 7, why does all the text lose its line feeds/carriage returns (not sure which)? Paragraphs run together and make a mess of imported text. The same thing happened in OneNote 2003. Is there a reason this behaviour continues, some technical reason why it cannot be corrected/improved?

    I hope you don’t mind, but I plan to post this to Nadyne’s comments too – perhaps someone will eventually come across it and respond with some useful information – I’ve searched high and low but its as if no one else has noted the behaviour. Its very likely, given my experience, due to me being an idiot for having missed an important tick box in OneNote’s Preferences, so my apologies if this turns out to be the case.

    Many thanks for such a great blog, Dan!  You rock!  Thanks to the writing of yourself and Chris Pratley, my mid-life crisis has gone much more smoothly than I could have hoped!


  4. That would be so nice…. And yes, a Mac Tablet is also what I’m waiting for. The Modbook should be the answer, however it’s delivery to the market is taking musch longer than expected.  But maybe Apple self will come up with a tablet based on the touch interface they developed for the iPhone?  Anyway, onenote and mindmanager on a Mac is what I need…:-)


  5. SeattleNick says:

    DEFINITELY would love to get OneNote on the mac… recently made the move to a MacBook Pro/MacIntel and boy oh boy, the note taking stuff sure leaves a bit to be desired when compared to OneNote.

    Sure miss it…

  6. Victor Hooi says:

    The question I have is, if you bought one of those unofficial Mac tablets, or you *cough* Mac on x86 tablet *cough*, and ran OneNote through VMWare or Parallels, would the tablet features run?

    (Because I know that you can get drivers for the tablet serial device itself)



  7. Michael says:

    Yes, absolutely.  There are other note-taking programs that are natively available for the Mac.  However, none of them come close to being able to offer what OneNote has been able to bring to the table.  I look forward to the day when OneNote will be available for the Mac.


  8. Gabriel Cor says:

    Yes, absolutely want. I use it all day long and it’s the best note taking software I’ve ever seen.

  9. Richard says:

    I would give anything to have OneNote and Outlook integration on a Mac.  I am thinking about leaving PC for a Mac, but am resisting just because of One Note.  A true Mac tablet would be a dream come true.  I lecture off tablets, but use Onenote on my 10" Fujitsu notebook daily.  I may just go to the Mac and run it with Prallels for Outlook and One Note.  I suppose that sounds crazy, but the display of the Mac Pro is so amazing for photo work, It’s worth using it as an XP machine full time.

  10. 247Blogging says:

    I saw this blog post and it caught my eye: why do you want OneNote on your Mac?   I own a Mac and I LOVE OneNote so for me having OneNote on my Mac would just rock my world.  Anyhow please go over and tell Nadyne how you would want OneNote

  11. I saw this blog post and it caught my eye: why do you want OneNote on your Mac?   I own a Mac and I LOVE OneNote so for me having OneNote on my Mac would just rock my world.  Anyhow please go over and tell Nadyne how you would want OneNote

  12. Erwin says:

    Absolutely – at least if that means iPhone support. I don’t care about the MAC itself as much – though this would help it appeal to a wider audience in the Apple world, but for the iPhone I’m really missing a good note app – particularly since moving from a Blackberry with Outlook Notes sync abilities. (I never have figured out why either Notes or preferably OneNote doesn’t sync thru MS Exchange).

    OneNote with full edit/read/search on the iPhone would be wonderful.

  13. james says:

    Yes – having the ability to get my PC onenote notes on my new iPhone would be awesome.  That’s the only thing I miss from my old MS smartphone.  

    Anyone know of a solution for that?

  14. james says:

    +1 for OneNote on the iPhone!  That’s what I really want!!!!

  15. Amy Stewart says:

    I desperately want OneNote on my new Mac. That was a main thing that kept me from ever buying a mac. I use Onenote on Vmware Fusion but having full Mac integration would be far superior. There is nothing remotely like it for Mac… I have just spent a week looking for anything that comes close. (Skitch is handy but a fraction of the usefulness of Onenote.

    I loved the Onenote-Outlook task integration and used it frequently to send emails to Onenote, apply tasks to them, then send tasks back to Outlook. I am really, really missing that on the Mac side. Task managers are all anemic by comparison. Best i’ve found for Mac is "Things" but it can’t hold a candle to Onenote + Outlook.

  16. Nicole says:

    I love onenote.  If it work on iphone and mac…it would be awesome.

    Notes, scrap paper and research can all be in sync.

  17. O says:

    Yes, OneNote on iPhone would be great. I use OneNote a lot, would be nice to have everything on the iPhone too.

  18. re-cycle says:

    Codeweavers reckon they can sometimes get it to run under OSX without emulation – has anyone tried this?  See

  19. Brian Chee says:

    I’m a journalist and would die and go to heaven with one-note for my mac. Visio would be good too, but one-note is the app that I REALLY miss. I’ve tried pearnote, voodoo pad, and a whole lot of other one-note like apps. Either it had audio/video playback in sync with my typing but not paste of graphics/webpages….or it had the paste but not playback.

    THE MOST useful feature is being able to "send to" one-note from a web browser and get not only an image but also the URL of the source.

    /brian chee

  20. Bruce says:

    I have a Mac at home, but a Corporate Windows computer at work. I would absolutely love to synch OneNote from work with my iPhone!!!

  21. piers says:

    One note is perhaps the only app I miss on windows, after running a software company for 10 years I switched to a mac last year and have otherwise not looked back (ok finder is a bit rubbish for a start but…)

    Additionally I know the OS is your bread and butter but iphones are the worlds toy of choice at the moment and some form of iphone app to sync to one note mac would be a also be massive winner and a further revenue stream.

  22. Ammar says:

    Sure it would be perfect and hope it have an iPhone version and if mac and iPhone can Sync it will be Perfect

  23. Jason Erkie says:

    Just got an iphone and am disappointed that I can’t sync my OneNotes.

  24. Madchet says:

    Please please sync it with the iPhone (to my windows pc)!!!  

  25. B Bushorn says:


  26. B Bushorn says:


  27. OneNote Fan says:

    I’ve been using OneNote for a while on my Vista laptop and think its by far the best note-taking app out there! However I’m planning to change to a Mac soon and have been looking for anything.. ANYTHING.. that can come close to OneNote on the Mac. As it turns out I have found one little app called Evernote. I’ve only started using it recently so i’m not quite ready to give a review yet, but from what I’ve seen it might just be able to bridge he gap until OneNote makes it onto the Mac. I especially like that it integrates between all platforms, including iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. so you can add notes from anywhere and it’ll be integrated automatically to your main database.

    Its a nifty application. Check it out at

  28. Pastafarian says:

    I want to at least be able to view my OneNote content on my iphone.

  29. ted downing says:

    How long must we wait for Mac to push for a OneNote application. I run my MacBook Pro using VM (not mac OX) just to use OneNote.

  30. Eric Wessels says:

    I use OneNote to write daily reports and more. On my Mac I run Paralels desktop and OneNote. But a real Mac version would be much better.

  31. Nolan Mac says:

    Yes please. I want to stay with Mac at home. I use OneNote at work, but because of the app I am thinking of switch to a PC at home as well.

  32. Donn Kleinschmidt says:

    please don’t make me switch to Evernote just to use OneNote on my Iphone PLEASE!!!!

  33. Darrick says:

    I am a medical student in Iowa and our school provides us with a tablet PC (Dell XT) as part of our tuition. While I am a MAC user and have two of them, I have become very fond of the OneNote microsoft program for taking notes and organizing them. OneNote is amazing for storing a HUGE volume of class notes, including imported ppt slides, and board exam studying tools all in one application that is always open and you can simply click between sections/pages and notebooks to go between classes etc. I imagine students in all fields, as well as undergraduates, would find this program incredibly useful as well. But, let’s get it on the Mac OS platform!!!!!! And while we are at it, how about an Apple Tablet!!!???

  34. Ahmed says:

    Wow, they gotta release oneNote for mac! i see posts from 2 years ago and they still haven’t done anything!!

  35. Oleg Kokorin says:

    Well, better later than never. iPhone solution for OneNote is available! Go to

    This thing is currently free, it syncs notebooks to and from OneNote on a PC and lets do a lot of other thing.

  36. Mark says:

    I would love OneNote for my Mac. I used to use OneNote with a PC windows, but needed to switch over to a MAC. There is Word, Excel and Powerpoint for Mac. Why not OneNote for the Mac? I am sure a lot of others would enjoy and purchase it. Thanks.


  37. Katie says:

    Now that Apple has announced the coming of their tablet, the iPad, I’m seriously considering becoming a Mac user. The only thing holding me back is that I LOVE my OneNote on my PC desktop at home. Think MS will create a OneNote app for the iPad?

  38. Carl says:

    Yes I’ve tried every Mac note talking program, and now have had to resort to Evernote, which is ok … But OneNote is just the best, especially linked to sharePoint.

  39. Rickyban says:

    I am a longtime Mac user at home and Windows user at work. I use Onenote for all of my project management. It is the only application i could call just about perfect. Nothing comes close. And i have tried just about every Mac alternative. I use Fusion with my Mac, just so i can use Onenote…. But it's worth it. Come MS, release it for the MAc!

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