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It looks like John has posted a powertoy from Jeff Cardon, one of the OneNote Testers, which takes selected pages in OneNote and at the click of a button it will merge all of the pages together into one page.  You can read all about this release here: Merge Pages in OneNote Powertoy and since John didn't include a screenshot here is what it looks like in the toolbar:


Direct download link

I think this is great, often I would take a bunch of web clippings or screen clippings for either a trip I was about to take or for a bug and then I would end up with a bunch of pages in OneNote.  I wanted a way to easily combine all of those into one page, now I could do that with keyboard shortcuts but it was pretty painful and this addin is so much better.

Now I will amend what John wrote:

While I would love to claim this addin was created as a direct result of customer wishes, the truth is that Jeff created after getting pointed in this direction by Dan Escapa. Dan had gotten tired of sending all his bits of data to Side Notes a few pieces at a time and wanted a better way of collecting all the data from different pages together. This is the "better way" 🙂 .

In fact we did get this request from customers who were experiencing the same problems that I mention above.  I send some emails to some people on the team suggesting how this powertoy would work and now here we have it.  This powertoy is a direct result of customer wishes, so thank you and please keep the feedback coming.

I would also like to tip my hat for Jeff Cardon who has been creating some great powertoys, thanks a bunch Jeff and keep up the great work on these powertoys.

Comments (2)

  1. K says:

    Amazing!! works like a charm.

    Thanks for the wonderful add-in.

  2. Wolfie says:

    This is a really good idea, I needed this.

    Should be part of the original product.


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