Blog roundup for July 2007

Mike sends these out to the team and I always like to share with everyone:

  1. "But OneNote, ahhh…  This is absolutely the find of the century!
  2. "It's krypto-freaking-nite man, and a brightly glowing one at that".
  3. "I've used onenote for a couple of years and it is just awesome (yes I hate raving about M$ products too)."
  4. "I have had Office 12 installed on my machine for a week now. And the thing that am persistently returning too is OneNote 2007".
  5. " I haven’t found another tool that even comes close to its ease-of-use and functionality."
  6. "When I chanced upon the user guide and opened it, my breath was taken away."
  7. The more I use OneNote, the more I like it.  It is one of the coolest and most useful applications I have found.
  8. Marc Orchant, ZDNet on DaveTse's Webber powertoy: "Compared to other authoring tools for creating SharePoint content, I’d much prefer using OneNote and this may well prove to the “killer” application for this powertoy."
  9. Bible Technology - "In my opinion, one of the coolest pieces of software available for tablet PC's today as OneNote."
  10. OneNote 2007 is a life saver and a killer application. Someone tell Microsoft this so they know it”.
  11. Quilters love OneNote - "OneNote crazy!"
  12. "I keep saying it over and over again. OneNote 2007 is far too good to be so under-promoted"
  13. "Church IT and Podcasting: I'm hooked on OneNote (2007).  In many ways, I'm reorganizing my life with it"
  14. "Missionary Geek: "I've found that using Microsoft's OneNote is fantastic way to read academic journals."
  15. "Bible Study (particularly the observation stage) , Taking notes in Bible Study or in church for sermons , Don't forget to record the audio while you are at it, Writing out prayers "
  16. "Right now, I am VERY attached to Microsoft Office Onenote, it does everything I want it to do...
  17. "I'm an unashamed Microsoft OneNote fan"
  18. "If you’re gearing up for law school and thinking about a program to take notes with, look no further than Microsoft OneNote"
  19. " Oh, I had opened it up and promptly shut it down. I did not see much value in it. Well, today, I have played with it quite a bit. Wow! It's a pretty cool application. ..."
  20. "Share pages in OneNote with others in the same room or across campus. No I don't mean running down to a printer and printing enough pages for everyone. I mean all electronically. OneNote can do that."
  21. "Have any of you used Microsoft OneNote? I am intrigued by its promises but not convinced and it’s not the most straightforward thing to just sit in front of and use (or it is, and I’m overthinking it)."
  22. Microsoft's Jeff Raikes and OneNote 2007
  23. "Microsoft OneNote 2007 is much improved"
  24. "OneNote tag summary page useful? - Does anyone find this feature useful?"
  25. "I use OneNote to design"
  26. However, it is with a program called OneNote that the pen becomes mightier than the keyboard.
  27. "Goodbye Google Notebook, Hello OneNote + FolderShare


Thanks everyone for your comments & feedback.  Note I haven't ready _anything_ yet I will once I have all of these links I can open in new tabs with my browser (instead of Outlook).

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  1. LOL I had to chuckle when I saw my blog entries listed here, but I LOVE OneNote!  I use it for everything, it’s totally, completely and utterly awesome!  

    I think the quilting community tends to overlook things like this software, but hopefully not anymore!

  2. Farinelli says:

    That’s right. Never did expect my blog to be so easily searched up. But that’s good news for me!

  3. I think the is interesting too. The program for Bible Study based on Microsoft OneNote.

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