Reduce the Environmental Footprint with OneNote 2007

I wanted to pass on a link to this article that was recently published: Reduce the Environmental Footprint with OneNote 2007.  It is interesting in how it talks about how you can use OneNote for the following purposes:

  • Employee and Manager training classes
  • New Employee Orientation
  • Engineering Excellence classes
  • Sales and Marketing materials
  • Legal and Finance materials

As the article states Microsoft is using OneNote for training classes and it has been a huge success from what I understand.  Sadly when I went through new employee orientation we didn't have this so instead I had a bunch of materials that I kept around for a few months and then I recycled them.  If I had OneNote I would just have had all of my materials in one place and I could even search on them, how cool would that have been?

On a personal note I always never print anything any more, instead I put everything into OneNote, I mean everything.  If there is anything else I need with me when I am on the run I just put it into OneNote Mobile and I have everything with me.

Do you all have stories on how you use less paper now that you have OneNote? Please share below...

Comments (4)

  1. Bill says:

    Like you I rarely print out to paper any more.  I generally use a ream of paper about every 6-8 months or longer.  Whenever I come across something that needs to be printed I use my "Send to OneNote 2007" option.  At my home office while working on my desktop my TabletPC sits alongside my monitor and keyboard on a slight tilt (like having a book open on a bookstand) so I can easily review any printed documents such as manuals, reports, etc. while working on the desktop.

    I have found the Print To OneNote feature is great for filing those "Confirmation Pages" you get when ordering or registering for something online.  That way I can file it in the appropriate notebook and have everything I need in one place.  With my Tablet it’s easy to open it up and show someone my confirmation when I arrive at the event as well.  Now if I could just figure out how to get their barcode scanner to work off the screen, then I’d be all set. 😉

  2. Isaac Rabinovitch says:

    Yeah, getting OneNote had the same effect on my printing habits. Here’s a handy accessory: a digital camera with a macro feature. Have a document you want to keep? Take a quick snap (I always feel like I’ve wandered into a spy movie when I do this) and import the picture into OneNote.

    I also own a USB-powered scanner. Easier to use, but bulky and slow.

  3. More OneNote 2007 news today. If you’re looking to reduce your environmental footprint by cutting

  4. Frank Jackson says:

    I used to keep several spiral notebooks for various subjects here at work.  Using OneNote has allowed me to keep on hand ALL of my meeting notes as well as many documents that I import into OneNote.  Once I’m home, my other 3 computers sync those notes via the network and I have my information handy wherever I am!

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