Follow Up Answers from last week’s OneNote 2007 webcast Q&A

Our Test Manager (Mike) wanted me to pass on his thanks for last week's “OneNote 2007 Tips and Tricks” webcast.  There were a few questions he wasn’t able to answer by the 10:00 end of the session.  Here are the final few responses:

OneNote powertoys site:

- Site containing links and descriptions of all OneNote powertoys and add-ins. 

OneNote Webview powertoy:

- Powertoy to export OneNote notebooks to a web view.

OneNote 2007 Discussion Group:

If you have any other specific questions, feel free to leave comments on this blog entry and we’ll be sure to answer them.

FYI - If you missed this and would like to watch it you can do so here:


“Get tips and tricks covering many aspects of Microsoft Office OneNote 2007, beginning with the basic concepts of a digital notebook and the flexible OneNote 2007 "page." Take a walk with a hands-on expert, and discover how to use OneNote to help you research for a project or trip, and to run effective weekly meetings and action items. We also learn how you can use OneNote as a next-generation learning tool for education, in addition to a corporate training and on-boarding tool. We cover some of the "wiki-like" sharing features in OneNote and show you how to unleash the power of teams by using OneNote to collaboratively author materials. Find out how you can stay organized and truly have information at your fingertips”

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  1. SB Treloar says:

    I tried to go see the webcast. After going through about six screens of personal information I was asked to verify my email address. When I clicked the link, I got a message that said I had already verified ownership of that address. Following the instructions, I went back to the registration page and refreshed it. Now I get the same "YOU MUST VERIFY" message in angry red ink. Tried it three times.

    Why such high security around something as simple as viewing an archived webcast?

    I would think Microsoft would be begging people to come watch and see what this great program can do, instead of putting up huge barriers to see a simple how-to.


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