OneNote tips from a Microsoft President – Jeff Raikes

At Microsoft there are currently 3 main divisions and one of those is headed by Jeff Raikes the president of the Business Division.  Jeff is a big OneNote fan and uses it all of the time.  Just this week a couple articles were published explaining how Jeff uses OneNote, please check them out:

Office Hours: How OneNote made friends in a corner office


OneNote Demo: Jeff Raikes — An Executive’s Best Practices


Thanks to Michael C. Oldenburg for writing this and getting it up on Office Online and interviewing Jeff.

Comments (5)

  1. It is good to know that there is a OneNote fan in the upper echelons of Microsoft. Jeff Raikes is the

  2. Thanks for getting the word out, Daniel. Early reception of both the column and the demo has been extremely positive so far!

  3. Bart McCoy says:

    One note seems *almost* like the ideal Engineer/Scientist's best friend.   As an engineer, I love it and many of my co-workers love it, because it allows you to "think" within the application and to communicate ideas "free-style".  

    HOWEVER, there is one enormous drawback to OneNote that makes me almost want to find something else.   WHY IN THE WORLD CAN'T YOU GROUP OBJECTS????   This is insanely frustrating!!  It has made an otherwise inventive/creative tool and neuters it.  The drawing capabilities become almost useless.  How is one supposed to draw & label?   Once I insert a graphic and draw labels and arrows or whatever, I have to tiptoe around it.  If I insert a single comment ANYWHERE above that graphic, it threatens top mis-align all the graphics/text below it.  Things move EVERYWHERE.  The free-styling is OVER, and now it feels like drawing in Micrsoft Word.   :o(   :o(

    This is INSANELY frustrating since a great tool is missing such a small but essential feature. The so-called "work-arounds" I've seen on the web aren't very helpful.  Sometimes selecting all my objects and re-pasting as an image is helpful, but you can't go back and modify things.  Sometimes, the image it re-pastes doesn't group things correctly, when you re-paste it in the middle of a document with lots of things around it.  

    Do you know if an update planned for Office 2010 to fix this omission?    

  4. olaf geerken says:

    May I join in the frustrated call to have the ability to group and anchor objects in OneNote, so that text and annotation/ highlighting can be copied to other pages WITHOUT THE TEXT BECOMMING UNSEARCHABLE!! (as it does when copied as image!). This feature is urgently needed! Please fix!

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