OneNote Web Exporter – Dave Tse’s cool powertoy

I am very happy to announce that one of the coolest powertoys I have seen is available for download!  It is the OneNote Web Exporter powertoy which will take a OneNote notebook and convert it into an interactive website.  This is what a notebook looks like in IE:

You can read all about it here:

Dave has a great set of documentation: feature overview, user guide, installation instructions and more!  I know Dave even has this automated on his machine so every night his machine generates a webview or our PM notebook and uploads it to SharePoint so everyone can view our PM notebook.

But wait there's more!  Dave is hosting this on CodePlex which is a great community site that allows others to download, view and modify the source code of this project.  It is a living project that others can use to learn how to program against the OneNote API, to change for their own needs or just to see how it works.  If you have problems or issues just click on the "Issue tracker" link on the site and you can log a bug.  Sadly it doesn't work well with non-IE browsers as it uses MHTs which aren't supported fully by other browsers.

I am super excited about this!  Nice work Dave, a virtual pat on the back!

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  1. A very cool OneNote Powertoy to export a OneNote Notebook to a website looks like a great must-have for publishing data to those unfortunate people who don’t have OneNote. I’ll be installing this on Monday and will try uploading a…

  2. Sam says:

    Awesome stuff!

    This will definitely come in handy when I need to share notebooks with others who don’t have OneNote or can’t be bothered downloading the 100+MB demo/viewer.

  3. amazing stuff! this powertoy greatly enhances the usability and value of OneNote (which is already so much)

    and the result is simply mind-blowing!

  4. Very cool. Daniel Escapa is pointing to a cool new OneNote 2007 Powertoy developed by Dave Tse. The OneNote

  5. Transformă un notebook OneNote într-un site interactiv. [ direct link ] [ Via ]

  6. FeralBoy says:

    Seems like there’s a bug in the program…if the page has a graphic (screenshot, photo, ink), it posts fine, but if it’s only text, formatting is lost and code shows up. At least, that’s what’s happening on my machines.

    Hope you can resolve this issue, as I’m digging it.



  7. Perry is up again with another Podcast about Tablet PC's and related devices. Show number 61 (that's

  8. ThePlaz says:

    Awesome!  The deal breaker for me is it does not work on non MHT browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari)  Apparently it works on Opera however, and of course IE 7.

  9. Nao says:

    Solution to the OneNote Web Exporter Disappearing Globe Issue

    I stumbled on potential solution to the Web Exporter globe or icon Fading.

    I had tried several times to get it to work on my Vista Business machine with no luck. I tried all the various suggestions found on the various boards for OneNote but none seemed to work after hours and hours of trial and error. I would give up and go back after a couple of weeks to try again, many times.

    Just today I installed the pptPlex tool/toy for MS PowerPoint (from MS OfficeLabs). Fortunately or unfortunately, I couldn’t get that to work on my vista.

    The simple solution was that I turned on Vista’s UAC!!!

    What I did is, I uninstalled the pptPlex, turned on the UAC, restarted my machine, and then reinstalled the pptPlex… When i started PowerPoint, the pptPlex was now working and so I decided may be I should take another look at the good old OneNote Web Exporter powertoy and voila! it worked without globe fading.

    Hope this works for the remaining group that none of the many other suggestions worked. I found this solution BTW on the discussion board of OffceLab.

  10. Troy Pawleska says:

    Do you have a version of that is compatible with Microsoft Office 2013?

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