Send to Mobile Device – John Guin and I working together

I wanted to post about a new powertoy that John Guin and I worked on called "Send to mobile device".  Interesting story with this powertoy.  I wrote this powertoy back in October/November back when we shipped and I had some free time.  I didn't get a chance to clean it all up but the guts of the app worked just fine.  I used it on my personal machine to sync notes with my OneNote Mobile device.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago when John came to my office asking what it would be like to create a powertoy which did this.  John had some new ideas like keeping a particular page in sync and not creating extra copies on the device.  I sent him my code and he got something working.  He fixed up a bug I had with my copy code and then he also added his extra functionality.  You can read John's version of this here: Making pages easier to sync with a mobile device.

Links to the downloads:

Setup files

Code (C#)

Thanks a bunch to John for his help with this and getting this code to see the light of day!

Comments (14)

  1. renee says:

    Hi Dan,

    I believe that I’ve asked this question before but is your group working on the daily calendars template for ON?  As I may have mentioned, it would be great to have the date in a shorter format (i.e 1-2-08) and to be able to download a notebook for the entire year (12 months).  Thanks for your help!

  2. Mags Ingval says:

    Ok.  I give… where does it put the button?  

  3. tam says:

    I can’t find the button either, can anyone point me in the right direction please?  Thanks.

  4. JohnGuin says:

    The button is in the far right of the standard toolbar – it only has a text label named "Copy to device" on it.


  5. tam says:

    Thanks John, got it (it was hidden as there was another toolbar next to it). Thanks for sharing.

  6. Mike Pluke says:

    I installled this and imported as single page – but I got 17 copies of it in my PPC (Windows Mobile 5). Can you think of any reason?

    Although I was able to delete 16 copies – this bug will seriously compromise the usefulness of this otherwise excellent tool.

  7. Mike Pluke says:

    I think I may have discovered the answer to my own problem (above) – I may have clicked on the "Copy to device" 17 times!

    The reason is that I have 2 sections for mobile devices in OneNote – and the dialog that asks me to choose which one to use is NOT displayed on top of OneNote – I completely missed the new OneNote item that got added to the taskbar! I assumed the command hadn’t worked and then made the classic multiple retry blunder!

  8. Thanks for letting us know!  *wipes brow*

  9. Egypt says:

    nope, still not showing. Even the add-ins list is empty!! nonexistant.

  10. Egypt says:

    btw… i copied one of the tabs i wanted to transfer to my PDA and pasted it in the OneNote Mobile notebook… and it transfered to my mobile phone. Why don’t ppl just do that? lol.

    Addin not showing up  still though.

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