Can’t see all of your notebooks? Rename them to something shorter!

As you start to get create and open more notebooks you might have a cluttered navigation bar on the left, something like this:


If this is the case for you I have a tip for you: rename your notebooks to something shorter.  You can right-click on a notebook and choose Rename, then you can choose a shorter name for your notebooks and you can view more of them on your navigation bar.  See what this looks like afterwards:


Works great for me, you should try it out but results will vary depending on your screen resolution.

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  1. Lea Owen-Keenan says:

    Hi Dan

    Thanks for this useful bit of info, so far I haven’t needed it, but I’m sure I will some time soon!!

    Can I ask a big favour please?  You wrote a fab little powertoy for IE to ON, "Send to OneNote".  There is absolutely nothing as good for Firefox, in that the resulting page in OneNote is editable, not just a graphic image.

    If it doesn’t go against the grain, is there any chance you could modify (if it’s possible) this toy to work the same for Firefox.

    Many thanks


  2. rms505 says:

    Hi – I’ve been waiting for the 2007/2008 daily calendars (see example for Nov 2006 here:  It would be wonderful, if the tab names for the dates were in a shorter format (i.e. 2-2-07 rather than the current log name) and if there were an option to download an entire year rather than just a month.  I used ON on a daily basis with these calendars last year but have found that I’m just not using this program when the pages aren’t there and ready to go.  Do you have any updates on the status of these calendars?  Thanks much!

  3. Erik says:

    Or you can do what I do, which is hit the "double arrows" at the top of that toolbar and expand it out so that you can see the names of the notebooks when you have more than 5 open.  Since full screen was added, this is an excellent solution for those that don’t need quick access to different notebooks often (I don’t change notebooks more than once an hour).

  4. Is there any way to modify the size of the Section tabs at the top of the screen?  In OneNote 2003 they seemed to fit, in 2007 I can only see 4-5 letters per tab.

    How about a size to fit for tabs?

  5. Lea – Thank you for the feedback on getting a Send to OneNote extension for Firefox.  I use Firefox quite often and I hope we can get to this!  If your tool is available please release and and give me a URL and I will post to it.  As for modifying your tool I cannot do that.

    rms505 – You can create your own calendar templates by printing them from Outlook into OneNote.  That is how we created the older templates.

    wavesmash – You cannot change the size of the section tabs.  Sorry you are having problems, but you should be able to see the same amount of text per section tab.

    Thanks all for the comments!

  6. Lea Owen-Keenan says:

    Hi Dan

    Thanks for responding – but I haven’t written a tool… you, or one of the ON tema did (originally).  I see that Send to OneNote is now part of the 2007 firmament, so perhaps I should ask if your or the ON team could tinker around with writing something?  As I mentioned, the nifty thing about Send to OneNote is the end result layout of the page in ON in that it is like a copy/paste-type result.  Currently using ANYTHING similar in Firefox simply results in an image, similar to that which would result from physically printing the webpage to a printer, although the text can be set to be "recognised".

    I wish I was a developer but I don’t have the (clever) mindset – never quite figured out about writing traps before writing the code that will be trapped :{  Hey ho.  Mind you, I’ve been known to take an original thing and tweak it to make it more elegant, but developing-wise that’s only in Word and I’m well past my days of being able to do even that!!

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