Appending notes on a page: Ctrl-T, Ctrl-V

Just a trick that I wanted to share with everyone, something I have known about for about a year and I just realized that perhaps no one knew about these shortcuts other than myself and the developer to wrote this.

As you know each page in OneNote contains a title (well you can remove it, but most pages do).  You can only put ink & a line of text in the title area; so that means you cannot put in images or more than one line of text.  Okay Dan now please get to the point...

Because of this if you have an outline, lines of text, a webclipping or more in the clipboard you can 'paste' it in the clipboard and it will append it to the bottom of a page, below all of the other outlines & content.

I think this is a great shortcut, often I want to put some content below what I have on a page and I don't want to mess around with clicking in the right place so I just hit Ctrl-T to go to the title bar, then Ctrl-V to paste and now my content is on the bottom of the page!

Please try it out in a couple test pages; I think it is great and works well for me.  Hope that helps you all!

Comments (3)

  1. JohnV says:

    if you do have a title it will be selected after you press Ctrl+T, and then when you paste it will replace the title. So this shortcut works best or only with pages without a title. Onenote is smart enough to grab the title from the first line on the page, so just have the title there and leave the title on the top empty and this will then work great

  2. Sue Mosher says:

    Or just amend the key sequence to Ctrl+T, End, Ctrl+V. Works great for me. Thanks!

  3. JohnV – Just do what Sue says, which is what I unconsciencely did all of the time.  Hope that helps…

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