April blog round-up for OneNote

I can't believe that it is May already‽ I hope that everyone has been having a pleasant spring; I often look at the weather back east and I can't believe how warm and spring like it has been compared to Seattle which hasn't had the warmest of days (however yesterday & today have been great!). Well I just wanted to post the last month's blog posts that were collected by Mike Tholfsen the OneNote Test Manager:

  1. The Greatest Invention in Human History?  I vote for Microsoft OneNote
  2.  Getting Things Done: Using OneNote Exclusively - GTD is the Organizational system of "Getting Things Done" by David Allen.  It's all the craze these days, a bit like Steven Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  Similar to the "Take Back Your Life" program
    1. Set up
    2. Organize
    3. Processing
    4. Collection
    5. Screen Shots:
    6. Deferred Items
    7. GTD with OneNote: emails and Outlook
    8. GTD with OneNote: Out and About
  3.  I need Office OneNote 2007 to live.
  4.  Onenote to WordPress - Publishing my e-Lab-book
  5.  Have I told you lately, that I love OneNote 2007?
  6.  I use a program called OneNote 2007 (a rare writer's gem from Microsoft) which is fantastic.
  7.  OneNote is the top note-taking and organizing software available to college students; I've used it for 3 years now and I can't imagine how I would've lived without it.
  8.  Great Tool for Managing Personal Projects
  9.  OneNote takes the clutter on your desk and puts it on your computer
  10.  Why i love Microsoft OneNote
  11.  The improvements over OneNote 2003 are significant and provide a much more organized interface to store your notes
  12.  OneNote: My Favorite Time Saving Tech Tool
  13.  the machine comes with Microsoft's OneNote, it makes the tablet ROCK!
  14.  Keeping Notes - Onenote and Evernote for Realtors


Thanks a bunch Mike! You rock and thanks to everyone else for giving us feedback that we all read and take the time to comment on; it is great to have a strong user community like you all!

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  1. Kathy Jacobs says:

    I would have thought one of my OneNote blog posts would have made the list this month. Disappointed that it didn’t….

  2. What an exciting three months OneNote 2007 has had out in the marketplace. By every measure OneNote 2007

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