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As some of you may be aware one of the biggest challenges is getting to know our customers, the people like you!  When we start designing and planning the next release of Office we need to better understand who you all are.  Who is using OneNote? How they are using OneNote?  What problems do they face?  Do you sit at a desk all day or are you always on the do with only a mobile device?  (or just a notebook?)

To this end one of our researchers as setup a survey to find out how our customers use OneNote, what their job type is, etc.  Additionally if you are in the Seattle area would you be willing to have some OneNote team members come by your place of work and see how you use OneNote?  So if you have some time this weekend please fill out the survey:

OneNote Customer Survey

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  1. Kjartan says:

    One problem with your survey, it only asks about what kind of notes I have taken in the last week, but since I’m studying for my finals and so there are no classes I could not describe what my usual use is 🙁

  2. Bill says:

    I just wanted to say thanks for asking for our opinions and to add one comment.  One of the single nicest features I LOVE about OneNote is the support you provided for Lefties!  My primary machine is a Tablet PC and being able to move the scroll bar, menus, sections, etc. to the left side of the screen is Fantastic.

    So whatever you do, don’t let the Office and Windows teams pressure you into removing that feature.  Instead, start pressuring them to add it.  As you focus more and more on mobility and Tablets, UMPC’s, etc. come into play this can really add value to your product line.  With each of these devices having a stylus, pen, or touch interface a person’s "handedness" is going to have an impact on their ability (and enjoyment) in using the device on a day-to-day basis.

    Thanks again for such a great product!

  3. scholty says:

    Great Product.

    I think this is one of Microsoft’s best kept secret right next to Windows Live Writer.

    Anyway.. just a request.  I love the way you can print things with  Check out their flickr page  and look at the Papersync option.

    That is SERIOUSLY cool and I would LOVE to have something like this in OneNote and Outlook.

    Pretty please? With sugar on top?!

  4. Toby Getsch says:

    Hey, great survey and great way to get input.  I added my info at the end as a Seattle based information worker willing to be tracked…

    I thought I’d add a little more input here.

    I’m a huge OneNote fan for so many of the obvious reasons.  One of my hardest things to overcome is when I have all of my info in OneNote and I want to share that with others who do not have One note (why everyone doesn’t have it and love it and want it is a whole separate issue/opportunity).  When I take bulleted notes, the export to Word does not maintain the same looking bullets and I need to customize it in Word to look nice (to look like it did in OneNote).  This often adds twice the time it took to assemble my notes or thoughts.

    Yeah, I know I can copy and paste, but how many people actually use the "Paste Special" as a way to paste html – and then there’s still cleanup.  Basically, I love the rich functionality from within OneNote and I’d love to see that extended as cleanly as possible to any other Office docs (even going back to Office 2003) and also to any other rtf or html formats.  If the recipients of this info don’t have OneNote, many times it’s actually more work for me to put stuff into OneNote and then to convert it, than it is to actually start in Word or just use an email.  That’s not good for extending OneNote’s awesomeness to the masses…

    Admittedly, I might not know of some other great ways, that actually already exist, for me to share OneNote info.  I’m ready to learn more.  I’m also ready to evangelize like crazy, if this is made simple!

    Best regards,

    ~Toby Getsch

    Knowledge Manager

    Seattle, WA

  5. it’s a shame you’re restricted to people you can meet in person; I would be happy to do a meeting through a shared OneNote notebook to talk about the way I use OneNote every day for research and note-taking, for instance…

  6. I couldn’t get to the survey—I kept receiving timeouts.

    Onenote is the best kept productivity secret! I love OneNote for business and to write (I’m an author and publisher). My only complaint is sharing notebooks. I haven’t had any luck.  

  7. Bobby says:

    Unfortunately the only thing I have to add is a gripe.

    I’ve been poised to evangelize OneNote and the TabletPC since I got mine in 2002. Unfortunately it’s been nearly impossible due to the fact that there still isn’t any support for the local lingo (Danish).

    I event contacted at the time but the response was along the lines of "real soon now" – I’m still waiting.

    oh well – maybe next year


  8. DY says:

    Dan, can you comment on the latest developments (or obstacles if there aren’t really any developments) on this topic?




    # re: Unifying the analog and the digital with OneNote

    Friday, April 07, 2006 2:59 PM by OneNote_Fan

    Does this mean scanned pages of handwritten notes will become searchable also? Thanks for a great product! OneNote has made school work fun! I am looking forward to the next version.

    # re: Unifying the analog and the digital with OneNote

    Wednesday, April 12, 2006 1:48 AM by Chris_Pratley

    scoobie: got it

    OneNote_Fan: Sorry, we don’t make scanned *handwriting* searchable. That’s the next step but it wasn’t high enough quality to make it in this release.

  9. Kevin Baggs says:

    Here is a feature I have been looking for in Notes app. I have been using OneNote2003 for about a year.  Upgrading to 2007 next month.

    I manage a number of people. During a meeting I want to add something to my to do list and have it assigned to someone else. I still want the task on my list. What would be great would be to select a section within OneNote and assign it to someone. As they completed or updated something, that section would be updated.

    Does this exist in 2007?

  10. Mary – If you have thoughts or comments you are welcome to email them to me and I will share them with the team.  We often read what people have to say about OneNote.  I believe for the people organizing the meetings they wanted to find people local.

    Bobby – What do you need to evangelize?  I have felt if you just show people OneNote they normally get it and totally love it.  Also just have people read the OneNote Guide which I have found explains most of what you would want.

    D – I am not sure I fully understand your question.  I think you are asking if handwritten text which was scanned into the computer could be recognized for text?  If that is the case we still haven’t solved that problem, the reason why it works so well for OCR is because there has been years of research on this and the Tablet ink works well because we have the stroke information (as well as years of research).  

    Kevin – Please check out this blog post:

  11. Shell Smith says:

    I just wanted to thank you for posting a survey to find out what people love about your product.  I recently was introduced to this <a href="; title="book">book</a> which is about feedback and customer service.  Since then I have been doing a lot of research about surveys – and found your survey to be very useful.  

  12. Shell Smith says:

    I guess that html link to the book didn’t work – that book I referred to can be found at

  13. Carrie T says:

    Thanks for the link Shell!  I have been reading that book and it has been a great tool.  I would definitely recommend it to others.

  14. elexx-qy says:

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