Hardware button to launch OneNote Mobile?

I have gotten this question quite a lot and I thought I would blog about it:

I am running OneNote Mobile on my Windows Mobile device. I know that I can assign a hardware button specifically to OneNote, but I would rather just assign it to the audio record function within OneNote Mobile, so that once I hit the button, OneNote Mobile would open, start a new note and immediately begin recording. Any ideas?

You cannot do this in OneNote Mobile.  There were problems with this first of all the keys are all different on the different devices & carriers so there was no way to hook it up for all devices.  And There are no command line switches or other ways to run OneNote directly to an audio note.  It is a good idea and something we can consider for a future release.

Comments (2)

  1. Joao says:

    This feature is very much desirable. Any news about that?



  2. Paul Biggs says:

    Since this thread began, has OneNote Mobile added any command line switches like Outlook Mobile has? That would be fantastic…

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