February Blog Round up

Thanks again to Mike for this great list! Also thanks to everyone else for writing about OneNote, we love to see your feedback!


  1. OneNote - It's one of the best things I've seen come from Redmond in a very long time.
  2. Microsoft OneNote shows why Microsoft is so dominant in the Office productivity market, despite the fact that there are free alternatives.
  3. OneNote 2007 sharing is indistinguishable from magic
  4. OneNote 2007 - The face that SharePoint should always have had!
  5. JohnGui released his first OneNote PowerToy - Outlook sticky notes --> OneNote
  6. is that onenote in your pocket…or are you just happy to see me?
  7. Lastly, I'll note that my wife Susan uses OneNote also, and is just as passionate about it as I am. So its not just me!¬†¬
  8. The happiest accidental discovery though is certainly Microsoft OneNote. Wow. Intuitive, easy to use, great interface and does just what I need it to.
  9. But the killer application, which I would never have discovered if I hadn't tried the Parallels world, is Microsoft's OneNote.
  10.  I can't believe I'm so excited over some program that M$ came up with, it's probably just all the adrenaline that's been pumping through me lately.
  11. Great Feature with Shared Notebook in OneNote 07 to Save Attorney Money
  12. OneNote is the only tempting part of MS Office. OpenOffice doesn't have anything like it. I don't think anyone has.
  13. Review: 6 out of 6 stars - "OneNote is now a must-have"
  14. I'm learning that Microsoft OneNote is indispensable for a student. I sat in class and took the best lecture notes ever.
  15. Paul Thurrott - Some have been answered in this release (while others, like notebook locking, which could prevent future edits or deletes to archive notes, have not).
  16. GET IT RIGHT, SAVE YOUR BUTT: A new search engine for Office, OneNote 2007, eliminates tedium and guarantees thorough research by gathering all content
  17. What's wrong with Office 2007 - OneNote spell checking. Text handling in OneNote isn't good enough; double-clicking only selects one word whereas in other apps I can drag to select the next work too.
  18. I got this new program - part of the Office Home and Student, which is incredible
  19. I continue to believe that lawyers will find Microsoft OneNote to be a desired tool, if their firms allow them to consider it.
  20. The more I use the program the more useful I find it to be.
  21. OneNote 2007 first impressions
  22. I love OneNote, and the ability to drop a slide presentation in and take notes is just awesome.
  23. OneNote 2007 - my future?


Amazing how this is picking up now that we have had our consumer launch and OneNote is available to everyone.

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  1. Taylor says:


    I just submitted a bug (#262947) to Connect, but I’m a bit fretful that it won’t get seen. I’ve been audio-recording my class lectures in college with ON07 RTM since January alongside my notes, and they’ve suddenly broken with a ‘Unable to start audio playback.’ error.

    Those three classes all broke recently, and may be linked to having imported the .wma files into iTunes to listen to on my iPod. Other sections that had recordings in them are still working fine, but those three are now untethered. The files are all still in the OneNoteOfflineCache_Files folder.

  2. What an exciting three months OneNote 2007 has had out in the marketplace. By every measure OneNote 2007

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