Follow-up to WebDAV support with OneNote 2007

I saw this on the OneNote newsgroup and I wanted to pass it on:

Subject: OneNote + WebDAV Update

Given the interest in the area, I  wanted to set the story straight (so far)
for hosting OneNote notebooks on plain WebDAV servers.

This does NOT apply to SharePoint.

For clients running Windows XP
Unfortunately in XP, OneNote notebooks on plain WebDAV servers won't be
supported. The reason being XP issues unauthenticated OPTIONS, PROPFIND, and
MOVE WebDAV requests even when the client is authenticated. Because these
requests fail on secured DAV servers, OneNote fails to sync.

If you insist, there is an UNSUPPORTED work around to enable this scenario.
To do this, enable unauthenticated OPTIONS and PROPFIND requests on your DAV
server. Please do not, I repeat, DO NOT, allow unauthenticated MOVE requests
for security reasons. This allows XP OneNote clients to host notebooks on a
plain DAV server, but won't be able to rename or move sections.

To do this on Apache, edit httpd.conf to allow unauthenticated access for
PROPFIND and OPTIONS requests to the notebook.
For example, it may look like this:

AuthType Digest
AuthName DAV
AuthUserFile conf/digest.passwd
require valid-user

For Clients Running Vista
In Vista, accessing WebDAV with basic authentication over non-SSL servers is
flat out not allowed. That's because we don't ever want to send your
login/password in plain text through the wire.

For all other WebDAV servers, OneNote notebooks on WebDAV servers should be
supported in Vista. However, we've hit some issues that prevent this from
working and we're working with the Windows WebDAV team to fix that up. Stay
tuned for an update on this soon...

Hope this helps,

David Tse[MS]


Thanks a bunch Dave!

Comments (2)

  1. Jeff says:

    I’m glad to hear that this is getting some attention!  It is a shame that this couldn’t have been fixed before the release.  Please send me thanks to Mr. Tse, and I’d be glad to help in any way that I can.

    I believe that a similar workaround can be used with SSL and Vista, but it is a little trickier to set it up.

    You had asked me to write up more details about it… And I promise to do so as soon as I get some time!

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