Add OneNote 2007 Printer as Right-click Send To option

I just saw that Rob Bushway over on the GottaBeMobile site posted these great directions:

So, I went off on a goose chase to figure out how I could easily add a OneNote 2007 printer as a Send-To option, and I figured it out! Having this option will allow you to right click any printable file, go to the Send To option, and choose the OneNote 2007 Printer.

1. Navigate to your c:, then go to Tools / Folder Options / View. Turn off the checkmark to hide hidden operating system files. I recommend turning this back on when you are finished. I currently have User Access Control turned off and am the administrator of my machine, so I'm not sure what rights issues you could run in to.

Ed Holloway has made a suggestion for those with UAC turned on:

Users with UAC on may have trouble with steps 1&2.

Step 1 can be deleted, and step 2 replaced with Start\Search(Run)\shell:Sendto this will open up the correct Send To folder ( C:\Users\[UserID]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo\ ), as opposed to the link at C:\users\%your profile name%\

2. After  setting that option, Go to c:\users\%your profile name% . You should see a short cut called Send To. Windows XP users will find this under c:\documents and settings\%profile name%

3. Leaving that window open, go to Control Panel / Printer.

4. Activate both the window containing your c: and the printers so they are side by side. Then, drag the Send To OneNote 2007 printer and lay it across the Send To short cut.

 5. All finished. Now your Send To OneNote 2007 printer will be a right click Send To option.  This should work with all printers and any document you want to print.

Read all about it here: GBM How-To: Add OneNote 2007 Printer as Right-click Send To option. Nice work Rob!

Comments (5)

  1. syncx says:

    Very cool.

    I’ve tried in both vista & windows 7. works in vista but not in win 7.

    Has anybody tried it in win 7? I would really like to add my "pdf printer" option to "send to" menu.

    thx for the insight.


  2. MammaDallt says:

    OneNoe is useless whitout send to option. win7 x64bits has no driver for it. :-/

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  4. Adam Khamis says:

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    My best regards to others.

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