Send to OneNote 2007 powertoy

Finally a powertoy that I wrote! This is a small application that I blogged about before where I included the source and rest of the application, but here is the final version of this Send to OneNote from Windows Explorer. Here are the steps to get to a machine near you:

  1. Install OneNote 2007 + .Net Framework 2.0
  2. Download the installer from here:
  3. Install it!

Now when you right-click on a file in Windows Explorer you will see a new option under the "Send To" menu for OneNote 2007 like this:

Choosing that option will send the file to OneNote as a new page in the Unfiled Notes section, like this:



  1. You can send more than one file all to the same page.
  2. You cannot send folders.
  3. If you select folders + files the files will go into OneNote however the folder will not, you won't get an error about this.
  4. If your Unfiled Notes section is password protected or read only you will get an error message that isn't too pretty.
  5. You cannot change the destination section, it will always go to the Unfiled Notes section

Download now:

If you would like to improve anything please go ahead and download the source and modify it as you see fit!

Also a special thanks to Michelle Wong from the Test team who helped find bugs and test our my powertoy, *tips hat*

If you have problems/questions please use the comments below to chat with me.

Comments (45)
  1. Erik says:


    I love it!  I use OneNote as a file repository (on top of everything else that I do), so this is great for me.  One feature request:

    It would be nice to have the capability to specify which section to send to.

    For now, however, it will save me a "drag and drop".



  2. Dan Escapa is on a tear releasing a set of new PowerToys for OneNote 2007. What’s going on is that a

  3. Rob Bushway says:

    great job, Dan! Thanks for doing this.

    It would be great to have two options on that Send To right click: Print to OneNote 2007 and Send File to OneNote 2007.

    At first, I thought the powertoy would allow me to print to OneNote 2007 with Send To right click.

    thanks for the good work

  4. Rob Bushway says:

    I figured out how to add the printer as a Send To option. thanks for getting the juices flowing!

  5. Tom says:

    I have Vista Home Premium and OneNote 2007. I downloaded the Send to OneNote  powertoy, and get the option under the ‘send to’ for onenote, but when I try to send a file, the message "Couldn’t get your Unfiled Notes Location".

    Any suggestions?



  6. Jonathan Rawle says:


    I invoked your name ("Dan, please read this…") in a Reply at the ON discussion forum but here is the gist of that request:

    Can a user create a persistent list of "Send to…" Sections in the flyout of the "Move to Another Section" right-click command?

    Another needed PowerToy!

    Jonathan Rawle

  7. I LOVE OneNote .. I use it all the time as my one shop note taker and with a tablet pc it is even better

  8. Christian says:

    it would be awesome if there were a possibility to print a file to

    onenote and simultaneously attach the original source.

    However, great work so far !!

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  15. Todd says:

    I really want the feature back from onenote 2003 that allowed me to drag a file into a notebook and have the file copied into the folder the current section was in.  I also liked the way it linked to it using <file:filename.ext>

    Is there any way this powertoy could be modified to do this or could the drag-n-drop event be modified by a new powertoy to allow this "copy actual file to notebook" feature to work as it did in onenote 2003?

    Furthermore, when I copy file to notebook in onenote 2007 and the file is a powerpoint, I can’t open it by double clicking the resulting icon.  Not sure what’s going on with that.  Word & Excel files & txt files seem to work ok.  Anyone else have this problem?

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  20. imfbusiness says:

    hi: install seemed to run. have IE7 .net 2.0. when i send to onenote, i get an error asking me to report it to Microsoft (didnt send).  Any suggestions please?

  21. Luis says:

    hi: for weeks now I am trying to figure out whether it is possible to control OneNote 2007 from Labview. Specifically I would like to send figures, data, text and hyperlinks from Labview to OneNote. Is there a way to realize this? One can send some commands to OneNote from Labview via ActiveX, but I didn’t manage to implement an external file (via a file path prompt?) in OneNote from Labview. Thanks in advance.

  22. Luis – This is possible if Labview has a API that allows you to access data and send it other applications.  If you have more questions please contact me via the contact link on this page.

  23. Stephen says:

    What about Send to OneNote from Opera (browser)?

  24. Stephen – That would be great if someone wrote an addin for Opera as well!  Right now we don’t have any resources to do that but anyone could make one the same way that our IE addin works because the IE addin just uses the OneNote COM API.  If you have more questions please let me know

  25. myjoshi says:

    Is there any way this powertoy could be modified to do this or could the drag-n-drop event be modified by a new powertoy to allow this "copy actual file to notebook" feature to work as it did in onenote 2003?

    to see more go to

  26. George says:

    OneNote 2007 looks very interesting, but why is it on my new Windows Vista Laptop? I didn’t install it, but right in my Network and Sharing center, there sits "Send to OneNote 2007". I admit to being overly security conscious and this concerns me.

  27. Ed Every says:

    George wrote:

    "OneNote 2007 looks very interesting, but why is it on my new Windows Vista Laptop? I didn’t install it, but right in my Network and Sharing center, there sits "Send to OneNote 2007". I admit to being overly security conscious and this concerns me"

    Me too. I have the same experience. How do I get this "Send to OneNote 2007" off my local network?

  28. Bill says:

    Not sure if this is needed for Opera.  Opera already has a simple ‘Note’ feature.  Just highlite an article, paragraph, sentence, etc., and press Shift/Ctrl/C and it copies that to the side panel, ‘Notes’.  Double clicking on the entry takes you back to the web page it came from.

  29. Haider says:

    The Send to OneNote 2007 addin for opera would indeed be very welcome.  I can send formatted content including images and links from IE7 to onenote [probably the only reason i still use IE].  Being able to do the same from opera would let me have all my notes in the same place.

  30. Dixy-uh says:

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  31. A few astute readers pointed out I (intentionally) missed a few addins the OneNote team finished last

  32. Simon Harrison says:

    Thanks for a great utility.  I have one question: is it possible to send items to OneNote without the OneNote window opening? It can be annoying when OneNote keeps grabbing the focus and opening in front of the application in which I’m working.

  33. cavanaughmm says:

    I have the same question as Simon… is there any way to senditems to onenote without having the onenote window opening?  It totally destroys my train of thought and so makes onenote useless as a quick notetaking tool.

    Also, is there any way to have onenote automatically tag notes based on keywords in the item?

    For now I’m going to stick with EverNote as it does both of these things. But I’m a heavy Outlook user and would like to make use of the integrated power of Outlook & Onenote!

  34. hanpedro says:

    – Send internet browser to OneNote 2007 –

    I want to send selected area of internet browser to OneNote 2007.

    Is it possible?

  35. save duce says:

    i need a send to one note solution from opera browser please help!

  36. J says:

    Still no solutions for send to onenote in opera?

  37. busyexec says:

    I am trying to use Onenote but am finding the tagging function to be very cumbersome. Is there any way to have it automatically tag notes based on pre-defined keywords in the note? Something like taglocity does for Outlook?

  38. S. Haymore says:

    Every time I try to use your send to Onenote 2007 Power toy to send text files to Onenote I get this error message "You cannot import a folder into Onenote, I’m using Win.Vista Home & Student On a new PC. Thank you for your time.

  39. S2s says:

    Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to work if you have the Office 2010 Technical Preview installed.  I just installed this Powertoy and it keeps opening OneNote 2010 and creating a blank page there.


  40. gokhan says:

    Does anybody know about OneNote 2007 support in Opera?

  41. David says:

    Hi, thank you for this power toy. I’m using W7 and office 2007 but outlook is not set up. Therefore the send to button is not available in the shortcut. I’ve installed your power toy but it’s not showing in the shortcut menu as there is no send to group.

    Is it possible to activate the send to without outlook so that only onenote shows up for the moment.

  42. Is there any way to modify the send to OneNote button to allow you to choose the notebook??

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