OneNote DevPal – Another tool to help devs working w/OneNote

I just read an email from Joshua Flanagan where he pointed me to another tool to help developers working with OneNote 2007's API. It is called OneNote DevPal. It is another tool to help people working with the API please see here:


  • Display the contents of the current page, in XML form. Changing the page in OneNote will auto-update the XML in DevPal. It does not yet auto-refresh the current page if you make changes in OneNote, but you can get the same effect by navigating away, and then back to your original page.
  • Display the current hierarchy in XML form. Changing the current page in OneNote will auto-scroll the hierarchy XML so that the current node is displayed at the top.
  • Both XML displays are syntax highlighted specifically for OneNote XML (OneNote start tags, "ID" and "name" attributes, and CDATA text are emphasized)
  • Displays the level, name, and object ID for the current page, and each of its parent containers, all the way up (Page, Section, SectionGroup, Notebook)
  • Records all events raised by OneNote to the standard debug output. By running a tool like DebugView while using OneNote with DevPal, you can better understand what and when events get raised by the add-in API.

So please use this with OMSpy the two of these tools will really help anyone working with the API: OneNote DevPal. Nice work Joshua and thanks for telling me about it!

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