OneNote 2007 Screencasts – Thanks to Erik

I just got an email from Erik announcing that he had some screencasts teaching OneNote 2007. I met Erik through the beta program for Office 2007, during the beta Erik was one of our most active bug submitters and even sent me a few gigs worth of his student notes. Even more impressive he got pretty much his whole school running OneNote and getting more of his students more productive and engaged. So anyhow he told me that he got some screencasts up on his website for all to see:

I just visited the site and I like what is up there. I think he could do another few casts on the following:

  1. How do I organize my notebook? What should be a notebook and what should be a section. How do I organize pages and subpages?
  2. Taking audio notes in a class
  3. Erik's favorite features & tips

Just a few thoughts I had, but otherwise thanks a bunch Erik…I will be sending these to my mom so you can check them out.

Comments (13)

  1. Thanks for the link, Daniel!  I put up a screencast about note organization.  I’ll get to the other requests next week (I have a nightmarish weekend).  

    I think the greatest feature of OneNote is the audio sync, so, that will be good to do.  Keep your eyes out for the next couple of weeks…


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