Another favorite shortcut: Ctrl-G

I am a keyboard fan, I detest using the mouse and I always try and key my hands @ the home keys @ all points since it is so much faster. That being said I wanted to mention on my favourite shortcut keys: Ctrl-G which brings focus to the navigation bar in OneNote (that thing on the far left hand side). Many times I will want to move from my general work notebook (my 1st notebook open) to the OneNote 14 planning notebook (the 4th notebook I have open). Most people would get the mouse and click on the notebook and then click around some more. I will just hit Ctrl-G, down arrow a few time and then enter.

It works great!

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  1. EMRHelp says:

    Control +G get you to the "First Notebook" (or maybe better call the TopMost Notebook.  I thought it might be better to bring the user to the most recently used Notebook, but anyway.

    Another Pearl: when at the end of your First Notebook, hit Tab … and then you can go to the Next Notebook  🙂

  2. EMRhelp says:

    I’ve just noticed.

    There are two scenarios.

    (1) The Navigation Bar is minimized

    (2) The Navigation Bar is fully opened.

    FYI, I’d like a keyboard shortcut to go from (1) to (2) and I’d suggest the right arrow button for that  🙂

  3. Brad says:

    Very nice.  I too detest the mouse.  Thanks for the newsgroup reply.

    I don’t get the pearl above, "when at the end of your first notebook, hit tab".  The "end" of your first notebook?

  4. I didn’t write that.  I would just use the up/down arrow to move between notebooks.

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  8. Victoria says:

    When I do Ctrl-G it just puts whatever I'm doing in bold because I'm on a French version. Anyone know the French equivalent?

  9. Soma sekhar says:

    Please give 1 example then it will be very easy for understanding ..

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