PowerToy: Outlook To OneNote AddIn

John Guin a new Test Lead on our team wrote up this great tool which will take messages from Outlook and create a new OneNote note for them. Here is the description:

This addin adds the capability of sending yourself email with a certain keyword in the subject and having Outlook automatically create a new page in OneNote's Unfiled Notes section when that mail item arrives. Outlook then deletes the email. It also allows power users to set the filter used for incoming mail items to trigger the code. It provides no UI for the user: "it just works."

What more can you ask for? You can download the setup.exe as well as the source code all over @ the Code Project: Outlook To OneNote AddIn. Nice work John!!

Update @ 2/9/2007 2:39 AM: I just heard from John that the Code Project strips out apps which have setup.exe in their name. I have posted the setup files here: OutlookToOneNoteAddinSetup.zip. That should work for you now!

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  1. Scott says:

    Can you expand on what the one:HTMLBlock and one:Data elements are that you’re using please?

    You’re setting the ID field directly here…thought we weren’t supposed to do that???

  2. Does it have to be the Unfiled section? seeing as that’s the one that doesn’t sync between machines. Nicest would be if it defaulted to Unfiled but I could pick a section (for all notes being created or by the keyword I sent). because this is 85% of the thing I want so much 😉

  3. On his site he says to run setup.exe.  However, for the life of me, I can’t find that file in the zip.  Any thoughts on how to install?


  4. Perry says:

    Unfortunately, I think the download only includes the source code, so in order to get the setup.exe, you’ll need to compile it. 🙁

  5. I guess I should have Dr. Google teach me how to compile…If I can figure it out, I will post it.


  6. John Guin says:

    Hello all,

    Thanks for the feedback!  

    1.  Sorry about the setup file being missing.  I emailed the site administrator and there was some confusion with the my initial upload.  I sent in another copy, so there should be a new one soon.

    2. I checked around with the "prevailing wisdom" about creating a new section or notebook in which to put these pages.  The answers I got all centered on "Unfiled Notes" being the repository for all items like this, so I stuck with it.  Changing that would be an interesting add on piece of functionality.

    3. I’m working on another addin now ( to export sticky notes from Outlook to OneNote).  I’ll see if I can explain the strings for the XML better in a new article.  Please bear with me as this is all new to me as well.

    I’ll get an update posted here as well when the setup file gets uploaded.

    Again, thanks for the feedback and sorry for the problems,


  7. P Cause says:

    I clicked the URL from the main article and got a waring from my anti-virus software.  Someone should check the file.

  8. I wanted to welcome John Guin , a OneNote Test Lead, to the blogsphere. John is new to our team for Office14

  9. HN says:

    I’ve installed the OneNote AddIn but it’a not working. Outlook Trust Center shows it as an installed AddIn but emails with onon in the subject dont’ fire the dll.

    Is there something more than running the setup.exe that is needed?

  10. Mark says:

    I also dont get anything fired when sending an email to myself with onon in the subject…Any ideas?

  11. Melissa says:

    That makes three of us. I cannot for the life of me, get this addin to work. What am I missing? I tried installing it for everyone and just me. Neither of them make a difference.



  12. Kanaan says:

    Installed the addin and can see it installed and active in the Trust center. But cannot see any ‘send to onenote’ functionality anywhere in the interface. It used to work before but after I reinstalled Outlook, Onenote 2007 Enterprise it does not work at all. This is such a useful addin in terms of the Outlook Onenote workflow. John kindly look into this.

  13. EAB says:

    Um, I can’t get it to run either.  Does it need to be signed (and thus trusted)?  Also, it doesn’t show a path when looking at the add-in in the Trust Center . . . is there somewhere specific it should go?

  14. Duncan says:

    Has this worked for anyone?  I would really like this functionality.

    Nobody has posted for 3 years so it may be dead I don’t know.

  15. manav says:

    Hi…and thanks for this. Is there a similar tool to send emails from Windows Live Mail 2011 to OneNote 2010?


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