Blog roundup, January

Wow, another month has already passed? I can't believe we are 1/12th done with 2007 already. In either event here are the past month's blog posts, thanks to Mike:

  1. "the OneNote blogs (here, here and here) represent a superb example of how a product development team can use this new media to inform, build a relationship with and take feedback from their community of users and prospective users!"
  2. "Zoho Notebook gives tough competition to Microsoft OneNote!"
  3. "I've been playing with OneNote 2007 and am very impressed."
  4. "OneNote is the only Office 2007 application I'm really interested in using in the suite."
  5. "I remember the first time I used OneNote, it was like a revelation."
  6. "One note is almost 200mb? Then in the installation, it needs almost 800 mb for the default install?  MS should have access to the technology to make relatively small and efficient applications, but almost a GB????????"
  7. "I've become a bit of a OneNote addict"
  8. "Microsoft did a great job of integrating OneNote 2007 with Outlook 2007. I'm really getting to enjoy the way the two work together, and see myself using them together a lot more in the future."
  9. "why can't I share OneNote pages with non-One Note users through some sort of Live interface?"
  10. "I've never met a Microsoft product I liked.  Okay it's not quite true... I quite liked OneNote."
  11. "OneNote 2007 + MindManager"
  12. "OneNote 2007, Groove, and Getting Things Done"
  13. "OneNote and Idea Management"
  14. "Last week I upgraded to Office 2007 and the integration from outlook to OneNote is great."
  15. "This is a post about a little known application that has saved me more than once.  It's called OneNote.  And the 2007 version is even better."
  16. "That is where the integration between OneNote 2007 and Outlook 2007 is so handy!"
  17. "Microsoft OneNote 2007, ahh, what a productivity booster"
  18. " I honestly would probably go with OneNote as its 2007 features have really stepped up its use as productivity tool."

Comments (1)

  1. What an exciting three months OneNote 2007 has had out in the marketplace. By every measure OneNote 2007

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