Learn from Microsoft IT! Manage OneNote Notebooks

Microsoft is not a small company and therefore we have a pretty good IT Department. One of the jobs that the IT Dept does is provide training and how-tos for Microsoft employees. As you can imagine there is a lot of new software and versions at Microsoft and the IT group does these quick informational sheets about different applications. Well I just found out that I can share the OneNote 2007 & 2003 training materials with you all. They are just a few quick tips for new OneNote users (and for those who haven't had time to explore fully). These are meant for busy people who need help. If you are training your friends I would recommend mailing these to your friends. That being said here they are:

Managing OneNote Notebooks Learn More (ppt – 1.32meg)

Managing Your OneNote Notebook Learn More (2003) (ppt – 1.4meg)

A big thanks to Parker and the rest of the IT Productivity Education group! Thank you! For everyone else I hope this is useful for you

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  1. Peter Wall says:


    I’m not sure where to submit this comment/suggestion for OneNote so I’ll do it here. I’m a consultant and work with an extensive amount of data at client locations and I’m always using OneNote to capture my observations with a laptop. I am always flipping between OneNote and another application and then writing about the data. I just thought of this so hopefully you think it’s as neat an idea as I do. Wouldn’t it be cool if I could hit a key and OneNote would turn 75% transparent? I could see the data underneath and then type my observations in OneNote on top. Just what I thought was a cool idea that I wanted to share.

  2. Peter – Thank you for the feedback, quite an interesting idea.

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