Happy New Year! Here’s a double helping of December blogs about OneNote 2007

Mike sent out the following set of blog posts and I thought I would pass them on to everyone.


  1. "Office OneNote - one of the best code development tools around"
  2. "OneNote 2007 - The Killer Personal App?"
  3. "(and no, I'm not receiving kickbacks on OneNote 2007 sales, I'm just pleased when a piece of software exceeds my expectations 🙂"
  4. "OneNote was one of the few truly original and useful things to come out of Microsoft in a long time."
  5. "Microsoft OneNote is pretty sweet, I must say."
  6. New powertoy beta- Windows Live Messenger --> OneNote
  7. "I adore OneNote...Definitely one of Microsoft's handier Office programs. "
  8. "Best Tablet PC Software About To Be Released: OneNote 2007"
  9. "While I like using [OneNote 2003], I wasn't satisfied that I would or could use it effectively for my business efforts. Sunday I downloaded a trial version of OneNote 2007. I am very impressed."
  10. "My new year's resolution (Microsoft edition) is to become a OneNote user.  From everything I've seen the 2007 version has really improved things in the areas I cared about: syncing, integration with Outlook, a mobile version for my phone."
  11. "OneNote 2007 is great!"
  12. "Google Notebook vs. Microsoft OneNote"
  13. "OneNote rocks "
  14. "I just installed OneNote 2007 on Vista and I have to say, I'm sold"
  15. "I am trying out Microsoft OneNote 2007. I see it as a competitor to Wiki technology and that I am going against all the Wiki preaching I was doing at my former company. I need a better way to store information."
  16. "I consider Onenote to be a killerapp, there's just no living without it"
  17. "OneNote (I don't think there's any other app really like it)"
  18. "apart from the stupendous OneNote 2007 there is very little incentive for me to upgrade...  I may just fork out for a standalone version of OneNote"
  19. "OneNote 2003 was essentially: "Let's see if people actually want to use something like this..." OneNote 2007 is ten times better."
  20. "Every student should have a copy of Onenote"
  21. Waiting For… "Sort Pages" and "Find & Replace"

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