Coolest feature ever! Yet another reason why I love Firefox

If you don't know about Ctrl-Enter in the address bar or your web browser I encourage you to try it out. If you type "cnn" and then hit ctrl-enter it will prepend the "www." and append ".com" so you have "" which is great!

Just today I got a Starbucks gift card and I wanted to see the balance on the card and to do so I would need to go to "" as it was printed on the back of the card. I had already opened Firefox and I typed starbucks in the address bar and at this point I would go through the effort to hit home type www., hit end type .com and then "/card" but instead I just typed "starbucks/card" and I hit Ctrl-Enter and Firefox filled in the rest for me so I went to It was just too awesome.

I tried it again, for example the OneNote site is: so I just typed "microsoft/office/onenote" and Ctrl-Enter and it went to the right site! Sadly this doesn't work in IE 7 : ( However I was just very pleased to see this feature working and just how I would try it too!

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  1. Donna says:

    That works in Opera Browser too. 😉

  2. Very cool..thanks for passing on.

  3. Wil Clouser says:

    Along the same lines,

    Shift+Enter will add .net

    Ctrl+Shift+Enter will add .org

  4. pazu says:

    is it configurable ? otherwise in europe quite useless 🙁

  5. Jeff says:

    The slash key ( /  )is great too.

    Works like in vi…instant search in the web page. I use it all the time.

  6. Rosyna says:

    oddly, this works in just about every browser Firefox, Safari, for every platform (including IE for Mac) *except* IE for windows.

  7. Aaron Axvig says:

    Yeah, well it DOES work in IE7, just not with extra stuff on the end.  Go ahead, try "microsoft"+Ctrl+Enter.

  8. erik says:


    You should try something along the same lines.  Go to any search engine, say,  Right click inside their search engine (where you enter the text).  Click "add keywords for this search".  Then, give it a name, such as google images.  then, give it a keyword, such as i.  Put it in a bookmark folder (I use the "searches" folder).  For me, I have a medicine search engine (keyword=m) and such, things that would be difficult to get to any other way.

    Now, in your address bar, type i escapa and hit enter.  Voila!  

    This works for ANY search engine.  It is simply amazing…

  9. Ani Nomis says:

    Both Netscape and IE offered this back in Windows 98 days. You know, when the internet was cool and Microsoft thought ActiveDesktop was going to catch on

  10. IE does this except it won’t cope with the /card at the end – but it is the only browser I know (IE 7 anyway) where you can configure it to be (or or wherever) instead of .com filled in for you.

  11. jess says:

    the only useful part about this feature is the .com part. You usually dont ever have to use www. before a webpage. But thanks for mentioning this, i never knew about Cntrl + Enter

  12. kathy gotting says:

    I only want to register my gift card to protect balance

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