Xiipy Desktop Edition for Microsoft OneNote 2007

I just got an email via my blog announcing a new add-on to OneNote called: Xiipy Desktop Edition for Microsoft OneNote 2007.  This is all I  know about it from the website: Why you’ll love Xiipy Desktop Edition 1.Automatic Content Analysis Xiipy automatically reads through the text of your OneNote page and determines the most…


New Office Templates Blog

I wanted to pass on a new site that I found which is the Office Templates blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/templates/ One of the things I never really understood before coming to Microsoft was the power of templates and how well they worked.  I saw people with great looking documents and I never knew how to get them…


OneNote in the classroom

As I am sure many of you know OneNote is a great tool for students, educators & training.  We are excited to publish a case study showing how OneNote is used in a Seattle-area school and in particular a couple of the classrooms who are heavily using OneNote.  You can read the case study here:…


OneNote shared notebooks – Windows file shares

David is starting a great series of posts on the OneNote storage, here is the first post: OneNote Shared Notebooks – Options and Troubleshooting – Part 1: Windows File Shares I am excited to see the remaining posts in this series and if you want to learn more about how OneNote syncs you should check…


John’s new powertoys!

John is posting some of the powertoys that have been in development, please see here: Table Sum Powertoy for OneNote Task Requests from OneNote Meeting Notes powertoy Check them out!


Windows Home Server & OneNote

As some of you might know Windows Home Server (WHS) is a new product released from Microsoft that allows you to have a server at home.  WHS does a variety of things like backup all of your computers and makes sure you have your files on all of your machines and integrates with many other…


Embedded files & OneNote section file size

I love getting emails from readers of the blog, it is great to hear from so many of you.  Of course I don’t always get time to reply to them promptly but I do read them.  I was going through some emails from the past few weeks and I saw this question: I noticed that…


Transparent windows for note-taking

I just got an email from someone and they asked the following: It’d be pretty cool if I could make my OneNote window at 50% opacity so I can see the program/window/webpage behind. Sometimes you don’t want to cut and paste something, but instead notate about it. We have heard this request many times and…


Capturx built for Microsoft Office OneNote

I wanted to point out a newly released digital pen solution that works with OneNote called Capturx for Microsoft Office OneNote.  The basic idea is that you can purchase a special notebook & pen which will take your handwritten notes and convert them into digital ink and insert them into OneNote as ink.  This means…