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If you looked on the 2007 Microsoft Office system pricing site you may have noticed that OneNote didn't have an update price : ( It only listed the full price of OneNote so regardless of if you purchased OneNote in the past you wouldn't get a discount for the new version.

We heard some complaints from you all and David took care of this so that now OneNote 2007 will have an upgrade pricing available as well! It will not be available on the worldwide consumer launch of Office 2007 + Windows Vista on January 30th 2007 but some time later in '07. So if you have OneNote 2003 and want to get 2007 at an discount (upgrade pricing) please hold out for a couple months. Thanks David!

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  1. rob says:

    Well lets hope the upgrade price is available when my trial version runs out. Its not a matter of holding out for a few months – i need my data on a daily basis.  I assume a lot of dedicated OneNote users will  already be tied into the new 2007 format already having tried the betas and now the trial version, these are the people who should be evangelising about OneNote, not moaning that they had to pay the full price as could not wait for upgrade deal.

  2. jamey says:

    that does seem a bit unfair to current users however since i got the 100% rebate i guess i shouldn’t complain 🙂

  3. Tablet Guy says:

    I agree with Rob.  I was looking for the upgrade pricing yesterday.  Not in a couple months.  I have a whole team I want to upgrade.

  4. Shannon says:

    Rob is Right.

    I nursed my PC through the upgrade process and am not willing to regress back to 2003 for an undetermined date in 2007.  

    It is unreasonable to think that anyone would sink 4-5 hours regressing their files back to 2003.  And the same 4-5 hours upgrading them again later on this year.

    So what’s left for us to do but pay the premium price?  Uninstall OneNote?  Moan and Complain?  Pay Up?  

    Let me be clear, I love OneNote.  Love it.  I’ve converted untold peers to the program.  But you business practices, whether clumsy or intentional are making Microsoft hard to defend.

    Microsoft’s OneNote development team has made a master piece and the moron MBA’s which market it are jacking with us.  We deserve better.  So do the developers.

    We upgraded to the Trial relying on an implicit promise that on 2/1 we would be able to upgrade.  Now it appears that we will be forced to buy a full copy of OneNote instead of an Upgrade.    

    Hey MBAs: Keep in mind that the users which go for "trials" are the early adopters (such as myself) which you will need in your camp in order to win market share.

    Just about the time that Microsoft was beginning to get some street credit they go a pull something like this.  You want everyone to believe the Microsoft is a reliable and trustworthy brand, but now you have given everyone a reason to call you greedy and manipulative.  

    Can’t change anything in time for 2/1 (I doubt that).  Well, how about a compromise?  Extend my "trial" period until an upgrade is possible.  

    Anything short of upgrade pricing or an extended trial period will lead to outcry and frustration.  I urge Microsoft to make this right.

  5. Erik says:


    I couldn’t have said it better…I got 60 students at my school hooked on OneNote (we are wanting to make t-shirts that say, "and OneNote to rule them all!").  It is kinda frustrating.  We are now looking at each other in disbelief.  I like the "extended trial" idea.  I’ve already purchased ON 2007 and Office Pro 2007, but I have no idea when my academic license will work–the extra trial would be great.

    Also, I wanted to reiterate what you stated about the development team–there probably is not a better development team in the country (why do you think the program is so good?).  It is truly sad that the sales and marketing team has left us evangelists (as well as the development team) out to dry.

    Hoping for a resolution to my crisis.  (btw, I didn’t think it was possible to roll all notes back to 2003).


  6. Stephen Mok says:

    How about a rebate for all OneNote 2003 users who purchase a full copy of OneNote 2007 between the end of Jan and whenever upgrade pricing is announced?

    As has been said, the people who will be most affected by this are the very evangelists and early adopters who live and love OneNote — your biggest fans who do a great deal to promote OneNote.

  7. EMRhelp says:

    I agree with the above posts.  Considering OneNote 2007 is a great program and OneNote 2003 was considerably less so (almost unusable), the early adopters shouldn’t be punished.

  8. Everyone –  Thank you for the great comments here and sorry I didn’t reply earlier I have been out of the office for the past few weeks.  That being said here are some thoughts I have:

    o So sorry about all of the hassle, I just found out about this and I am just passing on the information as I get it.  As Shannon mentions this wasn’t something that was done by the development team.

    o When you downloaded and installed the trial the Office site didn’t mention an upgrade price so you would have only had the option to get that upgrade.  The site will be updates once the upgrade is available.  Buyer beware.

    o When the trial expires you can continue using it to read your notes. You cannot edit those notes but you can view then and copy (using the toolbar).

    o I am not sure if there is much that we can do to solve this problem.  I wish there were but probably not.

    If you have any other feedback please let me know, I will pass it on to the marketing team.

  9. Jonathan Rawle says:

    As a former Marketing Guy myself (Yeah, I know, it’s hard to admit it…) I’d love to be a fly on the wall of the MS marketing department when Dan comes in and says, "This upgrade plan will lose a lot of people who will not be able to use their OneNote unless they convert at full price. They are the ones who promote software so new and different that most of the first wave of buyers have arrive by word-of-mouth. The less-informed mass or chasm-crossers have to ask someone, ‘Will it fit my needs? Here’s what I need…’ and we will olose a lot of them to other products or inertia."

    I am sure there is a hassle involved in moving this up or moving the trial date out if you plan to buy the upgrade, but these are the things you just do.

    I mean, what do they say? This isn’t giving up big bucks but it is giving up big buzz.

    Dan, there had been a lot of notice that there was not going to be an upgrade price both in Chris’s blog anf the Discussion Forum. The part that has people a little steamed is that once there IS going to be an upgrade offer the people who did a lot of [free] field testing are going to be the ones who miss out, because they couldn’t wait.

    No one is going to give up use of their every-day software.

    Look, this isn’t fairness, this is affecting the cost of promotion: early adopters usually do this for free. I had been talking a lot about this product among my fellow teachers.

    Jonathan Rawle

  10. Erik says:


    I disagree with you.  There is no upgrade available in time for me, so, I’m going to shell out full price, because the software is worth it.  And, to top it off, I’m telling all of my friends the same thing…don’t wait for the upgrade.  The extra time that I save is well worth the normal non-upgrade price.

    Do I like it?  No.  That is life, and MS is still a business, not a philanthropic organization.  All of the beta testing that was done, at least on my part, was done so that I (and I mean I) could have a great product.  It was very self-centered.  I didn’t expect anything in return.  If you go look at connect, I have submitted more bugs than anybody (1viking1).  The product works great now.  And, I can count at least 15 bugs that I submitted that are fixed in the current version.

    I guess I’m trying to say that I beta tested this thing like mad, and I’m still willing to pay full price (I will) and am encouraging my friends to do the same.

  11. SRB says:

    That’s really low not having the upgrade SKU available before most early-adopters’ Trial Period is about to run out. Total buzz-kill.

    Honestly, I’m a student, and money is tight.

    I think you’re going to promote a lot of piracy with this move…

  12. tali says:

    i was using the beta until today when it expired…until i set my system clock back. however, i don’t want to keep my clock behind, so i’m going for the trial. after that, if the upgrade price isn’t out (i’m guessing most people who want onenote 2007 got 2003 free with their tablets) i’m going back to the beta…i still have it saved somewhere…or i’ll just write in journal until the upgrade price comes out.

  13. Andrew says:

    So where is the upgrade pricing? I too "found" OneNote, and loved it. Converted folks at the office and now am stuck with the older version. I have no intention of upgrading to Visita in the next 12-18 months (or any of the  associated products), but this I would upgrade.

  14. The upgrade pricing is available as $79.  You can find it on

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