Using HTTPS to sync with SharePoint on Vista

Consider this: on Windows XP you could sync to a SharePoint server in the cloud such as Office Live using just HTTP. Now when you upgrade to Windows Vista if you try and do this exact same thing you will get an error. That is due to changes in the Vista security model. From one of the developers on the team:

Vista does not allow access to an authenticated server that is using basic authentication over HTTP. The basic authentication scheme transmits passwords in the clear. Hence for security reasons, one must now use HTTPS thereby encrypting the contents including the password.

So if you are using SharePoint in the cloud make sure to connect via HTTPS.

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  1. OneNote 2007 is out, and of course I rushed out to get a copy. It was the main reason that I had participated in the Office 2007 beta, and there were a number of great new feature. One particularly…

  2. Robert says:

    I’ve been working at getting Onenote 2007 to work via https connecting to a sharepoint site for a while and can’t get it work. I get a sync error that no one else on the net has commented about.


    Has anyone actually got it working?

  3. Richard says:

    I am using OneNote 2007 and have a shared Notebook on Sharepoint.

    The shared notebook is accessible from OneNote 2007 on XP, but not from another machine running OneNote 2007  on Vista Business.  However, I can browse to the OneNote notebook on that machine and am offered a login/password challenge – which is correct.

    Using Add Network Place or the connect to OneNote notebook link that OneNote provides just throws up the message "the folder name is not valid"

    I have no idea what Webdav is but it seems my problem is very similar (found this through Google – VISTA – Can’t use HTTP Web Folders (WebDav).

    What can I do?

    It is a public Sharepoint site which does not yet support https as far as I can see.

  4. mingyeow says:

    This is absolute nonsense. I am trying to get My vista to work property, and this type of errors just make it a major pain in T ass

  5. Robert says:

    I worked on this with Microsoft for ages and still do not have a fix.

  6. Albert says:

    Thanks, you saved my day. Can’t believe this is not mentioned elsewhere. OneNote sync can be a major PITA, but once it works, it’s a great program. Thanks again!

  7. Albert says:

    Sorry, gotta withdraw my statement… I thought that switching to httpS would fix this, but OneNote (SP1, on Vista SP1) keeps asking for a password whenever I want to sync with Office Live. Unfortunately, I’m not able to enter my credentials in OneNote, so it won’t give me access… Seems to be a bug?

  8. Steve Errico says:

    I have simular issues with Onenote/Vista and shared notebook on sharepoint.  others in my group have no trouble accessing or creating notebooks on the sharepoint server but I can not open or create a note book. I can browse and see where it should be but i get "this folder name is not valid".  its as though Vista does not recognize the Onenote file type.

    Any help would be great.  My associate helped me solve this on another vista machine but sadly I did not keep the fix.  

    I think its a patch but need to find it.  Anyone know about this patch?

  9. Rudi says:

    We got similiar issues with Office 2007 using WebDAV from Vista-computers over SSL.

    Office 2007 sometimes issues HEAD-requests, which fail, as they are using another User-Agent, called ‘Office existence discovery’

    What is an recommended HTTP-return code to such requests in order to block Office 2007 from requesting again an login?

    Is there anywhere documentation about the two UserAgents ‘Microsoft Office Existence Discovery’ and ‘Microsoft Office Protocol Discovery’

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