OneNote Blogger Roundup

Here is the most recent blog update from Mike our test manager.


  1. OneNote has fans in high places:
    "I needed OneNote, and what do you know? God provided it."
  2. "what, in my humble opinion, is one of the most important new pieces of software of the last decade."
  3. A perfect 10! "Score overall Office 2007 [5], Individual apps: OneNote [10], Outlook [3], Word [5]."
  4. "My First One Note Christmas"
  5. "Eureka! I just found out that OneNote 2007 can post blogs!"
  6. "Google spreadsheets vs. Microsoft OneNote: competing notions on the autosave function"
  7. "And right then, I discovered its utility. It's a definite tool for me"
  8. "One of my favorite features is the ability to link to OneNote meeting notes."
  9. Blogger who likes our Outlook Task-sync feature


Enjoy! (Thx Mike)

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