OneNote 2007 Templates

I have been working with Sheila who works on Office Online to get the OneNote templates up on Office Online. You can see them here:

OneNote 2007 templates

These are the same templates that you would see in OneNote when you chose File-->New-->Notebook. But now you can download them off the web or see them in OneNote, either way. Additionally you can create your own notebook templates, just save the file as a .onepkg file and that is your notebook template.

If you all have questions please let me know!

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  1. Quentin Johnston says:

    I have been trying to make my own template but when I set a graphic as background it leaves a white border around it. I also noticed that when I open an existing page and uncheck the set picture as background and thenm re check it, the same happens. Any suggestions how I can get the image to act without leaving a margin?

  2. Dave says:

    Go to page setup and replave the 0.5 default border with 0

  3. Caine says:

    How do you configure workgroup templates for OneNote 2007? I have added the Microsoft Office 2007 system Administrative template to the group policy and configures the Shared Paths/Workgroup templates path, however all that is displayed is the local templates.

  4. bruceb says:

    How do you make templates that apply to everyone using the notebook? I made templates but can’t figure out how to make them server side

  5. Steve Hansen says:

    I recall reading a method on how to reconfigure the template categories (i.e. My Templates, Academic, Business, etc) or at least rename them to reflect the categories you wish to have your notebook configured with.  I tried the Open Notebook>Templates route suggested but no go. Any other suggestions?  Thx in advance!

  6. Chad Brown says:

    the Quick Reference Guide for Creating OneNote 2007 templates, which is incldued in the OneNote Help material, does not explain how to create a template.  For example, one thing people need to know is that the process involves clicking File > Page Setup.

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