OneNote Viewer – Try the trial instead

Chris has a great post: OneNote Viewer, here is a preview:

I sometimes get asked if there is a "viewer" available for OneNote files. There are viewers available for Word, Excel and PowerPoint (among others) so this is a natural question.

The answer for OneNote is yes: it is called the trial version. You download it here for free, and it lets anyone view and search and print OneNote files with perfect fidelity. Oh, it also lets you *edit* and create such files for the first 60days. And you can convert this viewer into the full product by purchasing a license and activating it with the code you get when you purchase (no additional download required).

Check out the rest of the post for more commentary from Chris.

Comments (2)

  1. I really wonder what might have happened to the viewer project.

    IMO it would be most useful.

    As we are at viewing:

    Any chance to see a "preview handler"??

    Would urgently be needed especially fir the results of Windows Search.

  2. Rainald says:

    Anything new on the subjects Viwer and Preview?


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