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  1. jcleaver says:

    Since joining Microsoft last year, I have to say that OneNote is absolutely the best application I have seen (and used) in a LONG time!  That said, I think a sidebar gadget for OneNote is a great idea.  Maybe it should be like the post-it gadget, but you have an option of saving the note and it goes directly to a side-note section of OneNote.  Don’t know, but if you came out with one, I’d definitely use it!

  2. Keith Farmer says:

    Please make one and save me the effort 🙂

    Drag-and-drop would be a great thing for tossing snippets onto a page, but it would need to be smart enough to drop onto unused space on the canvas.

  3. jonb says:

    Perhaps a quick side note creation gadget? I use the Notes gadget to jot quick things down (like phone messages) but it would be useful if these were actually side notes in OneNote so I could see them on all of my devices.

  4. Absolutely!  I agree with the previous posters, that you should just tie in the SideNote functionality into Sidebar, replacing the Post-it note gadget with a OneNote one.  If you could get the OneNote tray icon use it, instead of opening OneNote for a side note, that would be useful too.

  5. Definate must have.  A Side Note gadget would provide easy access to copy down simple thoughts.  waiting for a side note to open is a long time when you are trying to remember that phone number!

  6. barrybo says:

    I couldn’t live without OneNote!  I use it as my short-term and long-term memory when developing code, doing code reviews, and debugging.  It is almost always running, and almost always full-screen.  I have Sidebar running, but haven’t yet figured out how to quickly and conveniently glance at it and switch back to what I was working on.

    Why not turn the problem inside out?  I’d like to be able to host gadgets and other active content inside my notes.

  7. Tablet Guy says:

    It would be cool to have a feature that would show the pages that had been  recently updated-this would be especially useful for shared team  folders.

  8. A gadget that shows notes marked with a particular flag (urgent, ‘next item’), etc. Which flag, of course, should be configurable, so that you could have one gadget showing ‘phone calls’ and another showing ‘errands’.

    If you don’t write the gadget, I will!

  9. Wow these are some great thoughts here and some where not ones I had thought about doing (Tablet Guy & Larry’s comments).

    I will see what we can do here with our talented Devs.  Thanks for the feedback and please keep it coming!

  10. Rob Mitzel says:

    Please, a onenote gadet would rock!!!

  11. OneDave says:

    How about a gadget for the Sidebar that launches ON with different user-pre-defined configurations.  For example, When I’m not taking notes in a meeting or class, I put my teddy bear (nee Tablet!) into a dock.  Not only does the ON page orientation change, but there are buttons, etc., that I change around, add, and delete to make working with my keyboard vs pen easier.

  12. Martin says:

    I second Larry’s thoughts (I think this is what he’s saying – I only found this program today so have a bit of information overload to contend with… so many possibilities!) – it would be awesome to have a gadget that showed the ‘show all tagged notes’ output for a selected tag.

    Being able to configure which notebooks to look at would make it even more ideal.

  13. JEDI says:

    A onenote gadget would rock!!!

  14. Currier says:

    I like some of the ideas about seeing "flagged" notes.  Also, something to complement the existing "Side Note" functionality (i.e. create an unfiled note) and a way to bind to a particular notebook page.  That way I could have a todo list or action items on particular page and both see and edit the list.

  15. Amanda Lynn says:

    I think this would be a wonderful idea.  I think the key to making the gadget a success and widely used is flexability and customization.

    Every person probably has a different way that they would use the gadget, and the way each person would use it could change from day to day or month to month.

    It would be nice to specify the types of notes that would display (by tags, flagged, include completed tasks or remove from list if completed, all, etc) Possibly how much text of the note should display (one line, multiple lines), change the font size. I think you get the picture.

    The key that would make this gadget cooler and more useful than anyother gadget out there is that it should be deemed "the best and coolest" by the most amount of people, and for this to be the case, it will have to be highly customizable.

  16. Nick says:

    I stumbled on this after searching for a OneNote Gadget…

    I love all the ideas, and cannot wait for such a gadget!

  17. AwS says:

    where can i download this OneNote Gadget?

  18. Vines says:

    I was just making some notes in my side bar, when I thought, "I should making these notes in OneNote".  So I did a Google search to find the OneNote sidebar gadget.  

    But only found this Blog

    So please bring it on!


  19. JC says:

    Ditto !

    Googled to look for a OneNote sidebar gadget and found this thread.

    Please make it !!!!!


  20. Nico says:

    Yes, a OneNote gadget is definately required!

    Do this! We would be thankful!



  21. Ben says:

    Please please please make a OneNote gadget.

    That would make it so much easier to access.

    Great idea please do it!

  22. HN says:

    Yes please! A OneNote gadget would be a very welcome feature.

  23. lbossom says:

    I absolutely agree!!  A OneNote gadget would be a wonderful.  thanks!

  24. Ben says:

    I would LOVE a One Note Gadget. What happend though, this thread started in Dec 06?

  25. Red says:

    Any news about a One Note Sidebar Gadget?

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