Support for OneNote 2007

With OneNote out the door you all might have questions so I thought I would write about how you can get support.

  1. You can contact Product Support over the phone or through your company. If you are a volume license customer you can go through your own Microsoft support channels to get product support.
  2. You can contact Microsoft support over the phone, look @ for details.

However for most people the best thing would be to ask the community for help and be part of the community.

OneNote Newsgroup

You can connect to the OneNote newsgroup through the following ways:

  1. Open your browser and go here: Discussion Home for OneNote
  2. Open Windows Mail, go to the Microsoft Communities newsgroup and add microsoft.public.onenote or just search for OneNote.
  3. Use Google Groups

There are a great number of users asking questions and getting help from the OneNote MVPs who provide great service. Also we check the newsgroups as well, we are on the lookout for questions that people have and see what feature suggestions they have for OneNote 14.

OneNote Connect

If you have suggestions or ideas for OneNote 14 or if you encounter any bugs please go to the OneNote Connect site and log those issues:

We are continuing to look at the items coming in from the Connect site however we will respond a bit slower than we did during the beta.

Here are some resources you can turn to when you have problems with OneNote which hopefully won't happen often. Take care all!

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