Beta users preparing for RTM

Today marks the lunch of OneNote 2007 to business customers, if you are business you now have access to Office 2007 and you can also purchase it. I know that some of you MSDN customers already have OneNote 2007 and that is great! I wanted to write today and give you small quick step-by-step thoughts on moving to RTM from the Beta or B2TR (wow that seems like so long ago).

Make sure you sync all of your notebooks

When you upgrade from a prerelease version of ON2007 to the final version we will need to upgrade your offline cache. The cache stores all of your file changes and some of those changes may not have synced to the server where your notes are stored. You need to sync all of your notebooks before upgrading otherwise your changes may be lost.

When you run ON2007 RTM for the first time you will get a prompt about this if you already have a cache in your profile. The prompt will ask you to delete it; if your notebooks are in sync you shouldn't worry.

Look for Misplaced Sections & Live Sharing Sessions

Other items stored in your offline cache are two 'special notebooks': misplaced sections & live sharing sessions. These items are on the bottom left of the navigation pane right above the Unfiled Notes section. If you don't see anything above that button then you can skip this. However if you do see misplaced sections this means that you closed a notebook and some sections could not be synced to their source destination so OneNote placed them here. These only live in the cache and since the cache is being deleted you might want to check to make sure there are not any important sections in there. The same goes for live sharing sessions, if you see anything in there which was important to you please drag them out to one of your notebooks.

Uninstall all Office beta products

You will need to uninstall all beta products, including Office 2007, Expression designer, etc. (I also heard the Office 2003 Compatibly Pack may cause problems). You will want to remove all of these otherwise setup might get screwed up or confused.

Don't mix RTM with prerelease versions

If you are sharing notebooks across computer or with other people make sure that all clients/users are using the same version of OneNote 2007! There is a problem where if you mix the versions of OneNote it will cause problems so make sure that everyone upgrade at the same time.


Otherwise you should be all set! Just install OneNote 2007 RTM (build 12.0.4518.1014) and your notes will be upgraded from the prerelease file format to the final format, and your cache will be replaced and you are all set.

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  1. erik paul says:


    I have read on the net (as well as the news group) that there will be a trial download available on December 1st–for US and Canadian residents.  Do you know if this is true, and, if so, do you know a link?

    I’m searching all over the microsoft site trying to find the download.



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