October/November Blogging Round Up

Here are the most recent blog posts that have been rounded up by Mike, our test manager.


"[OneNote] seems so good that I am almost scared to use it!"

October Blogger Round Up

  1.  "Something that works beautifully: OneNote shared notebooks"
  2. "OneNote and blogs have a special relationship. Not only can you turn any entry in OneNote with a few mouse clicks into a blog post, but the OneNote team also communicates heavily via blogs with its users."
  3. "i always wanted something close to what Tom Cruise's character uses in "Minority Report-when he can move all the pieces of information just on the sheets of plastic, its a dynamic information system!!!  "
  4. A happy Connect customer: "W00t! The OneNote Team Fixed My Bug!"
  5. "I think OneNote 14 should…"
  6. "[OneNote] 2003 I never really found much use for, but 07 is "da bomb" in Internet Lingo"
  7. "Microsoft's OneNote tool may be the perfect replacement for the pen and paper."
  8. "I am an avid user on Microsoft OneNote, in my opinion one of the most valuable applications available."
  9. An unhappy OneNote customer: "Am I the only one thinking of dropping the Tablet PC? "
  10. Teachers using OneNote: "By collaborating on this project, they have revived a conversation about the importance of documentation and evaluation"
  11. From a blogger happy with OneNote's Connect site: "Bug and issue tracking – Good job Microsoft"
  12.  "Save time collecting information from the Web"

November Blogging Round Up

  1. "Everyone that I know who uses OneNote is fanatical about it."
  2. "For the longest time since the earliest days, developers and users alike had been keeping an eye out for the next killer app. OneNote 2007 will be."
  3. "Now that I've used ON 2007 for the last several months (Beta), ON 2003 seems as bland as vanilla ice-cream."
  4. From a Mac Blog!
    "I currently use Microsoft OneNote... and I've found killer app heaven."
  5. "I used OneNote 2003 in the past and I thought it was cool but not cool like 2007."
  6. Office 2007: "The superstar of this release is OneNote"
  7. "My initial reaction is "wow"
  8. Multiple good quotes from a new blog that LOVES OneNote 2007:
    1. "Look, don't get me wrong here: Get OneNote 2007 the very minute it's available to you."
    2. "OneNote 2007: one business user's observations on the killer app pearl of office 2007"
    3. "I do know that OneNote 2007 may be a thousand times more the software that OneNote 2003 has ever been."
    4. "I've pushed through more productivity during these past two weeks than I might have hoped to do during a whole month before I started using OneNote"
    5. "Get OneNote 2007 the very minute it hits the streets."
  9. Feedback on the OneNote 2007 blogging experience
  10. "Newbie to Addict in One Day Flat, to Evangelist in One Day More"
  11. "Get OneNote for your laptops or computers. It kicks ass and I've been using it for a long time."
  12. "A picture is worth a thousand words - especially in OneNote"


Thanks for blogging about OneNote, we are listening!

Comments (1)

  1. Marc says:

    I used to think OneNote was a useless, nothing but a  "Word OLE object with a fancy interface", until I used it to keep research notes for my dissertation.

    I like the fact that when you paste something from a web page, it adds "pasted from url:http://…" so i can go back when I need to make my bibliography. If this were to automatically add the source to Word’s built in citation manager, it would be even better. I also found myself making check lists in OneNote rather than Outlook, much quicker.

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