Photosynth Tech Preview

Photosynth has just been released by Microsoft Live Labs. You will need IE to use this app since it is ActiveX but it is totally cool. Think of the fly-arounds you get with Google Earth but instead they are real photos. Also much like Quicktime VR if you have used that as well. What I find the true power of this is that everyone can stitch together your own photo collections and create an über photo collection. Imagine that all photos with geotags or just with text tags can be put together. It would just *work*, zoom around the world, find a location and see people's photos of it. Do timeline views or under different conditions. I really think this is an awesome technology that needs to be explored.

Nice job Photosynth team! (wow this has been a good week: Office 2007 RTM, Windows Vista RTM, Photosynth, changes to Windows Live Local for 3D viewing). Just totally cool company doing some kick ass technology, I am very impressed and proud too.

Also I will be going back to Ann Arbor, MI for College Puzzle Challenge 2006 so this week has been good to me. If you are in Michigan @ the event please say hello!

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