OneNote 2007 Final Readme and KB articles

I wanted to post some links for getting help with OneNote 2007:

  1. Office Online:
  2. Office 2007 Known Issues/Readme
  3. Microsoft Support Knowledge Base (KB) for OneNote 2007

Ideally you won't need help but just something in case you need it. Remind me to post something about how to prepare for OneNote 2007 final version, I need to post that soon.

Comments (4)

  1. TechieBird says:

    Hi Dan – one piece of information I can’t seem to find anywhere (apologies if it’s out there, maybe I’m searching on the wrong terms) is whether there’s a recommended maximum number of participants in a Live Sharing session with ON2007.  Where I work we’d very much like to use this for some kind of whiteboarding, it would just be useful to know the limits!



  2. TechieBird – This is a great question.  We have some internal numbers based on our own testing.  I will post them once I get them from the tester & developer who can give me the accurate numbers.  Pester me if you don’t see a post before Dec 14th.  Take care

  3. TechieBird says:

    Hi Dan, it’s the 14th and I’m pestering ;o)

  4. Sarah says:


    Do you know what the maximum limit is for pages in a section and sections in a notebook?

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