And we’re done! Office 2007 RTM’s!

In case you haven't seen on Chris' blog or on Jensen's blog Office 2007 is done! We had our ship party last week and it was awesome, I can't believe I have been part of such a great release and such a great team. I have to recount what our whole team did: we painted out hair purple (because of our icon & we are crazy) and we went around the party chanting "Purple, purple, purple!" It was pretty amazing because the other teams were just there standing around and we were a bunch of happy purple heads. You can see it here:

And from Chris' blog:

(Mike our test manager is in the black shirt and I am behind both of them oh and that is our VP that Chris is harassing)

That being said I wanted to say the following post-RTM comments:

  • This is a great team and I am honoured to work with them. I joined the team back 1.5 years ago when they were in the middle of coding and developing Office12 during this time I have learned so much from everyone and I thank them for their patience as I have become a part of the team.
  • With this release there will be some changes to our team, most notably Chris is moving on and so is Owen, I will miss working with them. However the core set of PMs is sticking around and I am looking forward to dreaming up the next release of OneNote and continuing to deliver to you our customers.
  • Did I mention our team rocks? They have taught me a lot about how teams should be run and how we all work together; it truly is a well oiled machine between Dev/Test/PM/Design/Usability/User Assistance/Localization/etc.
  • Thank you to our beta testers and MVPs. I loving being on a team where we get so much valuable feedback from people like yourselves. Some people I would like to thank:
  1. Patrick
  2. Andy
  3. Ben
  4. Erik (x2)
  5. Karen
  6. Everyone who submitted your notes
  7. And everyone who downloaded the beta or used the Connect site

If I missed anyone please let me know, but thank you all for your help making this a great release! We really couldn't have done it without you!

  • What's next? What do you want to see in OneNote 14? Let us know, we are always listening and we value your feedback. Just use the Connect site or use the email button above.

That is about all for now; I am starting to think about the next release and start designing some features. Additionally I am working on additional documentation for the OneNote API and releasing some PowerToys. *wipes brow* I can't believe we are done…Got Purple?

Comments (2)

  1. Andy says:

    Thanks for listening to us users so closely! Congrats on a great product, I can’t wait to see the final release.

  2. Jonathan says:

    I would also like to thank Erik x15.  He’s the Onenote king at our university, inspiring countless tableteers to reach higher grounds

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