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As you may know we are nearing the end of the Office 2007 beta and we are getting ready to release Office 2007! Office 2007 is schedule to be available to business customers (and I assume MSDN subscribers) in Oct 2006 and it will be available to consumers in Jan 2007, see here: Microsoft Confirms Timeline for 2007 Microsoft Office System. So what does that mean for the Connect site which is designed for handling betas and beta feedback? We are still going to use the Connect site!


As you can tell from my last post we really do listen and we really value your feedback, that being said we consider the OneNote Connect site a success. We want to continue with that success and we will:

  • Continue to watch the feedback coming into the Connect site
  • Continue to look for bugs or issues we can fix in a service pack
  • Continue to solicit feedback, suggestions and feature ideas for future release of OneNote

We will do all of this with the Connect site and once there is a beta of the next release available we should gear up the Connect site again. Although our replies on the Connect site might take longer we will continue to monitor it. I think most of us just want to take a vacation and clear our heads.


I would suggest that everyone look @ the public newsgroup:

BTW We read these as well : )


If you have questions/concerns please post in the comments below.

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  1. Alun Jones says:

    "…feedback coming into the Connect site"

    For those that got our beta copies of Office 2007 from anywhere other than the Connect site, how do we send in feedback?

    I’ve lately discovered some bad behaviours (e-mail merge from Word to Outlook hangs Word; Outlook hangs frequently with the Outlook Mobile Add-in enabled), but I have nowhere to report them.

    How do I report bugs in Office 2007?  How do I search to see if these bugs have been reported?

    [Note – I do have OneNote 2007 listed in "My Participation", but nowhere can I find a means to submit feedback for Office 2007 beta in genera.]

  2. Thomas Lee says:


    I love one note and use it a lot. Your recent requrest for my notes is something I can not do – I use OneNote in support of the business I work for (and for the articles I publish) and would not be happy to see that IP and confidential information shared with our compeitors, even accidentally.

    I hope you have a very successful launch – OneNote is one of the most innovative packages to have come out of the Office team in many years. Keep up the great work.

  3. Raaden says:

    Daniel unfortunately I have to agree with Thomas, I have mostly been using it for business use and as a contractor am unable to share the information I have collected.  I will try to put some sample notes together that cover the standard uses as well as some comments posted to the connect website.  

    I would like to say though that your integration with Windows Mobile Smartphone is truly a godsend.   I am very fond of this functionality and hope that this will continue and grow as a product.  


  4. Alun – Only select teams had Connect site and OneNote was one of them, I also believe there were sites for Publisher, Project and maybe one other application.  There were also public newsgroups where people could post feedback.  I wasn’t aware of Outlook or Word Connect sites.

    Thomas & Raaden – I completely understand please don’t post confidential information!  The product will be available to customers in Janurary so please try it out then!

  5. Yummy says:

    I tried OneNote2007 this summer, but I couldn’t used it. My Office had a new version of beta 2 TR, and all the system couldn’t work in normal, especially Outlook 2007– It hadn’t been regular until I reinstalled all the Office System, so I had to roll the version back to 2003, and it is OK now…

    I don’t know why, maybe because of my operation system? Mine is a Chinese one.

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