Customer Feedback – a Success Story & Thank you

From: OneNote team

To: OneNote User Community

Subject: Customer Feedback – a Success Story & Thank you

We would like to thank everyone who has posted bugs and posted feedback for the beta program for Office 2007 and in particular OneNote 2007. For some of you who have been on BetaPlace you have been logging bugs for over a year now; from Beta1, B1TR and then into the public beta: Beta2 and finally B2TR. Then we had even more feedback on the public newsgroup and the Connect site. When people searched for "log a bug OneNote" they would get our site and they would be talking with us on the team.

Why am I writing this? I wanted to do a few things with this. First of I wanted to have some greatest hits for the beta programs showing how your feedback made a huge impact on the program, so without further ado your feedback top items:

Battery life and performance

When beta1 first came out we reached out to many customers who were Tablet users and they were using the new ink & Tablet features. Needless to say this was a huge new improvement and investment in ink in OneNote 2007 and we were still working out the kinks so performance was still being worked on. I can hardly tell you how many of the beta users complained about problems in the early betas. Based on all of your feedback we were able to get our performance better and we also added this to the Tools-->Options dialog:


You all wanted this so we gave it to you; you can change the battery options so that your laptop/Tablet will last longer.

Notes that didn't upgrade well

One of my favorite bugs was a problem where the file didn't upgrade correctly or it didn't look right. You can see the bug here: Converting 2003 notes to 2007 Beta 2 results in ink misalignment. Because of this feedback we were able to find a bad bug with upgrade and the fix should greatly improve your experience in this case. Even though we had been testing this for months internally this file, submitted by pschneider, was a great way to show us a bug that we had.

I can't tell you how great this bug was : )

OneNote 2003 note flag upgrade problems

This was another great bug; you can see the problems people had with this, like this bug: Flags don't migrate from OneNote 11 to 12 (and more). Pretty much without your submitted files we wouldn't have been able to track down this problem. So thanks again everyone!

Corrupted files

I think you might be seeing a trend here; your files and your computers have different configurations which expose problems. There were some corrupted files that we got through the Connect site that were useful.

Move Pages to appeared broken

This was a top item from Mike who wanted me to put this in here. I didn't even see this bug until he wanted me to post it but it is very good. You can see it here: 'Move Page To' no longer shows path to destination folder/notebook/section group and here is an image to illustrate it:


This image and feedback was just what we needed and the developers fixed it up in no time and the testers verified that it worked.


You can see your feedback has been invaluable to us and it felt great to get all of the feedback that we did. We would pass on your complaints and your praise to the entire team; you all are the best fans and we want to work hard to make sure it happens. The other day Mike forwarded me this link: Bug and issue tracking – Good job Microsoft! which talks about the Connect program and how useful it has been, so hats off to them for allowing us to have this, they have a blog here: Microsoft Connect Feedback Blog.

Comments (5)

  1. As you may know we are nearing the end of the Office 2007 beta and we are getting ready to release Office

  2. Stephen Mok says:

    Hey that image for that ‘Move Pages to appeared broken’ bug looks familiar? Oh yeah, that’s right… I spent ages putting those screenshots together before posting it to Connect! 😛

    Thanks for fixing that bug. The dedication that the OneNote team has to responding to customer feedback is truly appreciated. 😀

  3. scoobie says:

    Are you saying that note flag upgrade bug is fixed yet?  I didn’t think it was, according to posts following release of the B2TR. How long for those of us wanting to transfer note flags from 2003 will we have to wait?

  4. scoobie – If you already upgraded to OneNote 2007 then you will have a hard time to ‘upgrade’ those existing note flags.  We did fix the upgrade bug but since you already upgraded your machine will not trigger OneNote to upgrade those existing note flags.  I would recommend that you open notes with those existing note flags and right-click on them to add them to your current note flags which will carry with your to the final product.

    For clean upgrade users from ON2003–>ON2007 this will work.  For those brave souls, such as yourself, the beta may have prohibited you from doing this.  If you need anything else please holler.

  5. scoobie says:

    I haven’t upgraded my notes. I kept a copy before any installation(including the preference.dat) and didn’t use 2007 with these notes.

    I started afresh on a new PC last night, before I read your reply however!

    It wasn’t clear to me that you seem to need to have had ON 2003 on your PC to trigger onenote to upgrade when you install 2007. I assumed it looks for My Notebook or preferences.dat, which doesn’t seem to be what it does. I copied my 2003 files and preferences.dat over to a new machine, that I installed the BRT2 on but when I open Onenote it didn’t ask me if I wanted to upgrade any files.

    So I forced the upgrade , by clicking on my old notes, which doesn’t work as well, as that doesn’t pick up the noteflags

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